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I have a pretty clear vision in my mind of what I want from a clothing brand for my kids. I want to shop ethically, to steer clear of fast fashion fixes which don’t survive the wear and tear of kid life and the 30 degree cycle.

It’s hugely important that my kids are comfortable, because stuffy or restrictive clothing that interferes with play just won’t cut it.

I want to support small brands, with real people behind them who get excited about seeing every purchase click through. Who have fought hard to stay afloat amidst the crisis 2020 has thrown at so many people working to make their dreams come true.

And I want clothes that make us smile… with colour, with vibrance, unique designs and most of all, ooze childlike FUN.

It’s for all these reasons that I’m delighted to share the creation of mother daughter duo Hannah and Lesley, Bella + Frank.

Named after two cheeky Italian greyhounds, this brand is exactly the type of product that makes my soul sing.

The ethics and values of Bella + Frank fit exactly with how I want to raise my kids; with a passion for nature, the planet, it’s wildlife and an appreciation of how small things, like the shirt on your back, have an impact.

As a consumer seeking more responsible purchase options, a scroll through the sustainability ethos at Bella + Frank assures me that this isn’t a tick box exercise or a marketing ploy. This is a passionate goal and key value of the brand.

By focusing on four key areas, the Bella + Frank sustainability model is a force to be reckoned with:

  • Low Waste – Minimising quantities of production and seasonal trends
  • Circularity – Opportunities for the brand to explore recycling source materials
  • Traceability – The pathway of the product and the people and communities it touches throughout it’s lifecycle
  • Plastic Free – packaging and bags are recycled paper or poly bags – aim to be plastic free within 5 years

Aside all this fabulous stuff, ultimately, when it comes to a kids T shirt it also has to be, well, lovely.

And on another front, Bella + Frank delivers.

With unique prints featuring those distinct greyhounds (incidentally one of my favourite animals) as well as coral reefs, and spoonbills, the simple yet functional collection has your kids covered for full on play.

The range includes T shirts, joggers, jumpers, swimwear as well as skirts and sherpa outerwear.

We were offered some clothes for the girls to try, and figured the multi functional, all season Tee shirt was the obvious choice.

For the Mouse, whose favourite animals are dogs; the Bella Tee shirt in red. And for Tigs, who has a penchant for the out of the ordinary, the pink spoonbill print Tee.

Both tops retail at £25 and are produced in organic cotton which has a soft, brushed feel.

The gorgeous colours and prints have been washed well already and have retained the good as new look which ensures these are clothes that will be well worn, well loved, and gifted on as hand me downs for many years to come.

This was my first experience with Bella + Frank, and it epitomises exactly how I want my retail choices to be going forward. It certainly won’t be the last.


Disclosure: Gifted items in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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