Being more Tamara in 2018

It’s pretty standard in January to scoff all the leftover chocolate, binge on TV because everyone’s far too skint to be doing anything vaguely exciting, and of course, have a little think about the things you are going to better in the year ahead.

It is a fortunate accident, that whilst inhaling left over quality streets, indulging in a marathon of my new fave guilty pleasure ‘Tamara’s World’, that my vision for 2018 is all becoming clear.

I’d series linked the show a while back, intrigued to have a nosey into the life of heiress socialite Tamara Ecclestone, expecting to hate her a bit and have a little groan about her lavish lifestyle. What I didn’t expect is to become Team TE. Unashamedly fan girling her attitude and parenting style.

Granted, there may be some subtle lifestyle differences between Tamara Ecclestone and Mum Muddling Through. But, we are both Mums to adorable girls, and we are both married to Spurs fans. I’m sure this means in some kind of parallel universe we’d be BFFs.

Embrace Motherhood

The stand out feature of Tamara’s world wasn’t her wealth or possessions – it’s the love she has from being with her three year old Sophia. In a household run by dozens of staff, there is no Nanny – Tamara wouldn’t dream of letting anyone care for her daughter other than her. Granted, Tamara is neither drowning in laundry or dragging FiFi down to Aldi, but no one can deny the sheer joy she takes from the privilege of being her Mum. Hat off to that, I should definitely be more Tamara when it comes to celebrating motherhood. So this one is the biggy. 2018, embrace this time and realise it for the privilege that it is.

Go Big or Go home

When Tamara applies herself to a project, there are no corners cut. Her Pyjama party with friends was on a scale that dwarfed our wedding day, but in her words, she lives by the mantra ‘Go big or go home’. We can’t all finance the same theatrical scales as the Ecclestone-Rutlands, but I kinda feel like I’m a girl after her own heart. My kids festival party of 2016 was pretty legendary, and I feel like these levels of mayhem need to make an appearance in 2018.

Easy on the booze

Surprisingly, the socialite TE hasn’t touched a drop of booze in three and a half years. On this, I doubt I can ever equal with her wholesome standards as I’m pretty sure we all need one vice. Designer handbags are never going to be mine, so I’ll stick to the Gin and Ginger. That said, I do feel like my body over christmas took a bit of a battering by the constant flow of baileys, bubbles and gin cocktails, so this dry January, I’m channelling my inner Tamara to get through it.

But heavy on the food

One of the things I R.E.S.P.E.C.T about TE is her clear love of food. I’m only halfway through the series and I’ve already seen her indulging in the kind of things we all adore – chocolate fudge cake, cheese, pancakes and chips. It’s a refreshing change from the anti-food celebrity culture, and I love the fact that Tamara, despite being one of the richest women in the country, knows how to combine beautiful and curvy, and is a wonderful role model for that reason. I have no doubt Tamara has a gym, and probably a personal trainer along with her in house chef, but that girl keeps it real when it comes to the good stuff in life.

The wardrobe edit

As seen on the show, Tamara and staff do a regular ‘Wardrobe Edit’, where they walk through the corridors of clothes, speed picking items to auction off to charity for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Respect to that Tamara. Seeing as I can’t find a spare manky old hanger in my wardrobe  to put away the clean laundry with, I need to get with the programme. Inspired, I took a couple of sacks of fashion faux pas’ circa 2010 off to the local Barnardos shop yesterday and if Tamara can do it…so can I. #GoodbyeOldWorkClothesThatSmellOfDust

Make More couple time

Tamara in this series has made a bold move for hubby Spurs fan Jay. As the season started, she confessed to having never left FiFi once for an evening out, in fear of her needing her Mummy for comfort. Yet, in order to support her hubbys big work event she made the step, and it sees the dawn of a new chapter for the couple to recreate some couple time magic. Despite feeling like it’s hard to get a babysitter, or it’s financially too difficult, this is something the hubby definitely need to do more of in 2018.

Do things my way

Tamara has been a trooper for extended breastfeeding, which has been the subject of much publicity and debate. Although, I didn’t breastfeed for a full year, I take my hat off to anyone who succeeds in breast feeding for as long as they feel comfortable. What this stands for to me is that as Mums we all have our way of doing things – some seem alien to others, but in 2018 I’m going to live by the motto live and let live.

Up the hair game

I may not have a team of stylists at my beck and call, but I am a little bit in awe of Tamara’s tousled locks. Teamed up with often a casual ensemble, her hair game is strong. This year I’ve moved on  little from the crazy curls of 2017 and am trying my best to work the tousled wave. If Tamara can rock this look with her tracky B’s, then so can I.

Embrace life in PJs

Like most Mums, PJ O’clock is pretty early in our house. At weekends sometimes the time between them coming off and going back on again is barely worthwhile. Over in the Ecclestone-Rutland household they are big on PJs too, and apart from hers being Victoria Secrets, and mine being George at Asda, we are definitely cut from the same cloth.

Cherish loved ones

It appears that even with all the money in the world, the most important things are still friends and family. Sharing moments with loved ones and being together – the simple things that money can’t buy.

Create family moments

Tamara is a little like a modern day Peter Pan. Reliving every childhood fantasy with her gorgeous daughter FiFi. Some may criticise her wealth and excessive living, but there’s part of me who wonders, if I had that kind of mula, wouldn’t I do the same? Give my children everything they dreamt of and more? In scales of global wealth, are we really so different – with the mountain of presents not yet put away from Christmas, and the trips to Disneyland and the desire to find the next family magical moment, aren’t we all guilty of giving what we can to our kids to the edge of our means? Would you not build your own soft play in your basement if you could (no more scuzzy ball pits for your kids ever again…)

In 2018 we may not have a private jet to whisk us off to one of our many holiday homes around the world, but we do share the same importance of time as a family, away from it all. And whether that’s a caravan park on the coast, or a chalet in switzerland, to our girls, having us all present, away from the usual routine, is the most important thing.


All images sourced via @tamaraecclestoneofficial Instagram

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15 thoughts on “Being more Tamara in 2018

  1. The Mummy Bubble Reply

    I missed this series but really want to catch up on it as I’m fascinated by her and her lifestyle! Love all the little bits of advice you’ve taken from it. I think go big or go home are great words to live by! #coolmumclub

  2. Wendy Reply

    I don’t know much about Tamara E but now I want to be her best friend too! I definitely think these are all great and achievable things to strive for in 2018, love a pj day and family time xx #coolmimclub

  3. Alice | Letters to my Daughter Reply

    I haven’ seen the show but I do love Tamara for her efforts to normalise natural term breastfeeding. I think you’re right, I would almost certainly do those things for my daughter if I had the money, but I like to think I would keep it somewhat reasonable and teach her humility too. I suppose your perspective of what’s reasonable would be very different if you’re used to a lavish lifestyle though. #coolmumclub

  4. One Hull of a Dad Reply

    You would definitely be best friends lol. I think its great that you had changed any preconceptions you had about her before you watched the show. It is nice to hear about celebrities who are “normal” when they’re being filmed. #coolmumclub

  5. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Ahhh I love this! I can’t say I have been embracing Tamara but as far as celebs go she sounds like she has got it locked down so sounds like this is a good example to follow! I happen to think she probably is very #coolmumclub too xoxo

  6. Morgan Prince Reply

    What a brilliant post, and while it’s not something I’d watch Tamara sounds cool and she’d definitely be your BFF. 😉

  7. Nicole - Tales from Mamaville Reply

    Lovely post Sarah… in more ways than one. A surprising insight into Tamara’s life and also some essential life-lessons for all of us to follow this year.

  8. Nicole - Tales from Mamaville Reply

    Popping in from #coolmumclub…

  9. JakiJellz Reply

    I’ve never seen this series, nor do I know much about her, but I am intrigued by her lifestyle. She seems to have it pretty much sorted. #CoolMumClub

  10. oldhouseintheshires Reply

    Oh I loved this series too! She was clearly very, very privileged but she did come over well didn’t she? I also love that she was a fantastic mum to her little girl but I did feel a little sorry for her husband who must feel very left out at times! #coolmumclub

  11. Grainne Kelly Reply

    So badly need to up my hair game! Be more Tamara!

  12. Mum OverRun. (@MumOverRun) Reply

    I suppose it’s easier to be Mum and do all the fun stuff all the time when you don’t have to clean and wash and shop as you say! Having said that – she doesn’t sound as bad as we might anticipate #coolmumclub

  13. The Queen of Collage Reply

    Despite not watching the show I do agree you can learn a few things from celebs. #coolmumclub

  14. crummymummy1 Reply

    Love the parallels here – if only I could match her bank balance! #coolmumclub

  15. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... Reply

    I think I was probably a bit judgey of TE before reading this. I guess at the end of the day she is a mum trying her best just like the rest of us #coolmumclub

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