Becoming a master brewer with Adagio Artisan Tea #giveaway

There are few things I’d say I can’t live without, but tea is probably one of them. In fact the tea paraphernalia spreads across the few items on the kitchen worktops, and we even have a whole cupboard dedicated to tea.

My taste for tea hasn’t always warranted excessive kitchen storage – I’m certainly not fussy when it comes to Tetley or PG Tips, and once upon a time I thought pyramid, square or round constituted a selection of teas.

Somewhere along the line though, I discovered a taste for green teas, and during pregnancy I was on a quest for caffeine free varieties which lead me to fruit infusions, decaffeinated teas and Roobios tea. All of which I said I’d continue to drink after pregnancy, blissfully naïve as to how much I would need caffeine.

But I did hang on to the taste for the more unusual, and I still have certain teas for certain times of day – I love lavender herbal tea at night, or green tea in the afternoon, and just generally to mix it up when I feel like I’m swilling with tea.

Since our recent delivery of teas from Adagio to trial, we now have TWO cupboards dedicated to tea.

The purpose of this post was to review the selection of teas I was sent by Adagio, but in all honesty in the interest of time, as they have sent me a lifetime supply of loose leaf artisan teas, I’m just going to have to take you on my journey of how to master the loose leaf tea, and the ones I’ve tried so far.


Basically, a little loose leaf teapot for one, with a built in filter and puring system that flows straight in to  your favourite mug. It’s obvious now, but the first brew was a bit of a disaster.

I realise in hindsight you brew the tea before putting the contraption on the mug – as doing so opens the valve. (Unless you like your tea barely brewed!).

Once mastered, the Ingenuitea has become my go to tea tool for the loose leaf teas. Although I’m still on the learning curve as to how to get the old tea leaves out easily?!

Nagoya Teapot and Cups

This little cast Iron teapot, short and stout, has a built in stainless steel infuser, perfect for steeping and removing tea leaves easily. Perfect for tea for two, this teapot keeps the tea warm whilst you and a friend sup away on the matching iron tea cups, and feel totally zen about your authentic tea drinking experience.

Nagoya teapot

Paper tea filters

If all that washing up is giving you a headache, I also have some DIY Tea bags to try – simply pop in your own loose leaf selection and brew away. No mess, no fuss, and totally biodegradable.

Image result for adagio paper tea bags

Matcha, whisk and bowl set

Now this one really threw me. I have had some experience of loose leaf tea as a child, before tea bags became mainstream (OMG how old do I sound), but whisking up green powder tea sounds totally alien.

After much you tubing, I gave it a go.

Teaspoon of Matcha, hot water, whisk in the bowl (using a bamboo Chamen), drink straight from the bowl.

The reaction? Well I know this stuff is supposed to be the height of healthy tea drinking, so I’m sticking with it. The plain green Matcha tasted quite bitter, but I’m working on my technique! I’m advised too much Matcha is not a good thing, and the whisking action is all in the wrist… Practice makes perfect right? I’m working my way through the flavoured varieties – raspberry sounds good, and I also have peach and blueberry samples to try.

Loose leaf tea sampler sets

Of course, all these tea tools would be nothing without some exciting new teas to try. I’m already hooked on the nighttime tea and the morning one from the morning, day night set, and I’ve made a start on the sweet tooth teas and the herbal garden ( I love a peppermint tea after a big meal), but frankly, we’d be here for a looooong time if I discussed each ones flavour and experience.

Tea for you

So, instead, you can try it for yourself.

I’m giving away, with Adagio Teas, a Cast Iron Tea pot and Cup set, plus a selection of tea sampler sets for you to try at home. The prize is worth over £130 and if it isn’t your cup of tea, could be a perfect gift for a tea obsessed friend or relative.

Head over to my GIVEAWAYS page here to enter via the rafflecopter widget…

Good Luck!


Disclosure: I was sent the Adagio tea selection for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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12 thoughts on “Becoming a master brewer with Adagio Artisan Tea #giveaway

  1. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    Jasmine TEA sounds devine – love to try them all

  2. cheryl hadfield Reply

    I love to try new flavours and forms of tea

  3. Leila Benhamida Reply

    Lovely the range. Such a wonderful prize

  4. Tracy K Nixon Reply

    I love to try new tea flavours !

  5. Julie Kenny Reply

    Such a fab prize – will be keeping my fingers crossed Thanks for the chance to win x

  6. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    Great article and as Mrs Doyle said “There’s always time for tea”

  7. Jade Hewlett Reply

    These look lovely, I’d love to try some new flavours of tea

  8. sensationallearning Reply

    These teas look lovely! And I’m ashamed to say that I don’t currently own a teapot… Would love to win the one in this giveaway! x

  9. sharon martin Reply

    sounds lovely, great flavour selection

  10. CarolynE Reply

    It only been the few years that I started drinking tea. The cast iron teapot looks wonderful. Make tea in that would be a pleasure, I can see with the Japanese take tea so seriously. Me too….life is too short for bad tea,

  11. kim neville (@kimneville2) Reply

    Would love to try some of this wonderful tea with different flavours

  12. Natalie Crossan Reply

    I’d love to try these amazing sounding flavours 🙂 xxx

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