Attention Attention: Why I’m digging Rap in support of @EllenorCharity X @GTownTalents

You could ask what business a Mum Blogger has banging on about Rap music, and you would legit be spot on. I can’t pretend to be too down with the kids about this genre, in fact my limited knowledge stops at Tu-Pac and Notorious B.I.G.

But. This is a story with a difference, because it’s a tale of two communities, worlds apart, uniting for the gem in the heart of their community at a time of desperate need. It does exactly what it says on the tin; it demands our attention.

You see, GTown Talents, a group building new music talent to the fore in my local town, Gravesend, Kent, have worked their magic on a unique message to express exactly why Ellenor hospice care needs our help more than ever right now.

The track and video features 11 year old @fidgetrhymes, @ajjysho19, @stephen_constanza and @bandoblackofficial from @gtowntalents.

The music has brought a real life local crisis to life, and despite my total lack of cool when it comes to rapping, I was incredibly moved by what these guys have created in a short turnaround time. What this piece of music brings is passion and a powerful emotive vibe in a way that both young and old will undeniably connect with as they listen, watch and feel every word.

Jimmy Babalola is a man of fire when it comes to giving back. Founder of Gravesend-based GTown Talents, which he describes as, “an urban music outlet and entertainment platform”, Jimmy with his Creative Director VybeRoom discovers, supports and promotes new, emerging talent in UK rap and its various genres such as UK drill, afro swing, trap and British hip hop, as well as UK garage and grime. They also do what they can to support causes close to their heart,working with their musical protegees to create songs that raise awareness and funds for causes he believes in.

And it isn’t hard to understand why so many of us hold Ellenor Hospice Care so close to our hearts. The hospice itself has stood in our town for over 30 years, and has been the provider of hospice care to many of our loved ones; our friends, our grandparents, people we know, people we love.

The hospice has evolved into more than just a building offering end of life care; the services stretch out to Gravesham, Bexley and Dartford and are predominantly provided in the patients own home, surrounded by their home comforts and loved ones.

Ellenor is also the only hospice providing care to all age groups – babies, children, adults and the elderly. So many wonderful people rely on this care to get through each day, and as a result it is a very much loved charity close to all of our hearts here in Kent. We all owe a little something to Ellenor, and now it is time to give something back.

Mum Kerry whose 11 year old son Jack benefits from ellenor’s care and services says “ Many of these children in ellenor’s care feel isolated from their peers, so when another child sends a message to say we understand, we know, then it means so much more to them than it does when us adults try and help as they feel that maybe they aren’t so different from “normal” children”.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the charity shops and fundraising events which generate so much of the income for Ellenor, have ground to a halt. The £7 million needed each year to keep going is under serious threat, and that’s why Ellenor is appealing to the Kent community to dig deep and support however we can towards the #EmergencyFightingFund.

Mum Bloggers, Rappers, everyone.

So I’m giving a massive big up to the GTownTalent crew, fist bumping them or whatever the right thing is to do, and I’m sharing their video, their inspirational approach, because together we unite in our love for our community.

Check out the video; it features some amazing new talent and a super cute mini rap star (which I am sure he would hate to be called, but y’know, #MumProbs). The Ellenor footage embedded behind the track will not fail to invoke a sense of hope and determination in us all.

And most importantly, please share the video on your social media channels and please please make the donation, if you can. Together with your families dig deep to think creatively how you could fundraise whilst social distancing, and get behind Ellenor.

You can donate to the #EmergencyFightingFund here:

Emergency Fighting Fund


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