7 things I’m leaving behind in 2020

Things feel a little bit heavy right now, and let’s face it, January has never ranked high as the best of months, even without a crippling national lockdown and home schooling thrown into the mix.

It doesn’t really feel right to be gloating about all the new year goals and plans as per usual, because basically I just hope to survive this year. That’s enough.

What I have enjoyed though, is reflecting on what 2020 taught me, and what frankly I left behind there with the rainbows and the clap (get your mind out of the gutter… not THE CLAP).

So what did 2020 enlighten me with, way more than the clock striking 00:01 on the first of January.

Underwired bras

If 2020 taught me anything, it’s the importance of bloody good underwear – good in the sense that it FEELS good, not contorts my body into an external perception of good. Bralets for the win, the ultimate in comfort, sexiness and practicality. Why did it take me 39 years to discover?

Crap people

I joked midway through the year that if there was anyone I hadn’t had some form of communication with in 2020, then basically I was cutting them off and setting them afloat. This may sound harsh, but was 2020 not the real life facebook cull we have all needed for far too long – refocusing us on the people we really bloody miss, and letting the rest fade into the blurry outskirts…

Over organising

I don’t know how long it will take me to reclaim back all the messed up plans from 2020 – both financially and logistically. SO many great plans were laid to rest, leaving a path of disappointment, financial loss and more organisational chaos in their wake. We still didn’t learn – clinging on to the arrangement of Christmas plans to make it ‘feel festive’ which all ended up down the chimney. One things for sure, and in 2020 there will be a much more reactive and ‘wait and see’ approach to doing anything.


Hands up, I was one of those people who LOVED to moan about the latest GP surgery disaster or the organisation of a PTA event. This year, I like many others have a new found respect and awe for the real celebrities of our generation – the teachers, the healthcare workers, the milkman, the checkout girl. Thank goodness we were woken up to our glory worship of z list celebrities with little value to society, and learnt to celebrate the essential heroes who were there under our noses all along.

Zoom calls

Don’t get me wrong, never say never – there is a time and a place for getting folk together the best way you can… but Zoom? Lost it’s magic for me after approximately two zoom calls. Maybe it’s the awkward silences, the feral kids who won’t talk when you want them to say hi to relatives, but who insist on crashing your catch up with the girls. Maybe it’s the lack of an end time, or maybe it just doesn’t flick my switch when it comes to engaging with actual human beings. Or maybe everything in moderation, and 2020 blew my quota.

After school clubs

One thing I really have not missed is the after school club marathon. Maybe this is an opportunity to rethink what we sign our kids up to, spread out the burden and get them to try some different things. It’s definitely been an opportunity to step of the treadmill and wonder why we are dragging our children through life in a constant train of chaos and stress.


Maybe it’s lockdown, maybe it’s Christmas, but I’m feeling a massive need to declutter. I’ve been bagging up old clothes for the charity shop, I’ve a load of bits on eBay and depop, and there is really no stopping me. Perhaps 2020 was a lesson in how many clothes one family REALLY need, and instead of wanting more, I feel myself wanting less.

What about you… what will you be leaving behind in 2020?


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One thought on “7 things I’m leaving behind in 2020

  1. Gude at Synsera Homes Reply

    Oh gosh yes, totally with you on the crap people and stuff front!
    I’m also happy to leave behind home-schooling (PLEASE let it end soon) – I do not have the patience to deal with my small people 24/7.
    Roll on vaccines and going out again…

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