6 ways to encourage teenagers away from screens

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The age of technological advancement has taken its toll on our kids. The technology was supposed to make our lives easier and it did just that, but only for a while. Recently, technology has become a burden rather than a blessing. Social media was supposed to bring us closer; rather we are farther away from each other than ever. Two people sitting side by side won’t connect with each other, but with the screens of their gadgets. Teens these days are connected to strangers thousands of miles away while ignoring their family sitting next to them.

The social neighborhood is too vast for any neighborhood watch to keep an eye on. With the mysteriously helpful place (even with the crime) known as the internet, our teens are in more danger than ever.

Be a Role model:

You’ll have to be a role model if you want your kids to do well. If you want them to stop using technology too much then you will have to restrict yourself too as we all know that children copy their elders’ behavior. So, to encourage your kids for a better life you are required to make some sacrifices yourself. In this way, the children will learn by themselves observing you. It is a known fact that parents are the first role models that their children idealize.

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Let them in on the decision:

Involving your kids in different matters is a great way to teach them responsibility, management and help them harness their decision-making skills. It also helps them mature into a more balanced adult. Set a family screen time by discussing it at a family meeting and allowing everyone to share their thoughts and opinions.

Physical outdoor activities:

The best way to separate screens and teens is by going old school and encouraging your kids to spend more time outdoors. Well not everyone has to go play football or basketball you know, every teen is curious about new things so enlist them in the sport of their own choice. This way they will have a routine to go outdoors. You can also encourage this behavior by taking them on a hike or a biking trip. Teens enjoy shopping for motorcycle clothing and you can just wear your old all season motorcycle jackets. This will also help in your bonding with children.

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Multitasking is a problem:

Teens must learn that Multitasking is not cool! Kids nowadays believe that it is essential to be a multitasker to fit into the society. They must be capable of texting while eating food or doing their homework otherwise they won’t be able to keep up with their friends. You, as a parent, must teach them that every task needs concentration and that multitasking interferes with productivity and will affect their work.

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Tech-free hours and days:

Technology should be limited during study time or your family time. You should come up with a house rule of no TV, texting, or web surfing during the meals. Also, try to make your Sunday a screen-free family day. This is essential for growing teens and parents to bond over family activities.

Educate about media:

Prevention is better than cure. In the end, you can’t stop them from using gadgets so it is better to educate them about mainstream and social media. You should discuss how media and advertisements are convincing teens into buying and using stuff they don’t actually need and attend events they don’t actually like. You should also discuss and address the problems like social isolation, lack of concentration, cyberbullying, profane language and porn.

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