5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum

Whether you are a single mum or married with children, one of the hardest things to do is reconcile work with your responsibilities as a parent. It is hard to juggle everything, but Mums have an innate ability to adapt and once they have taken the appropriate steps, they can’t be stopped. Fortunately, thanks to the internet and the great variety of job sites, one can find jobs more easily and many also offer work-at-home or part-time positions that allow parents the freedom to spend more time with the kids.

Here are some examples of flexible jobs for parents to consider.

Accountant. This is probably one of the best jobs that allows for flexible hours and the possibility of working from home remotely via online access. Of course, some studying is required, which is now easily accessible online too. Best of all you can work for multiple clients, and it will also allow you to work on your own financial matters as a plus. Accounting is fast becoming as popular as a telecommunications careers all over the world.

Graphic Designer. If you are searching for a creative job then look no further than graphic design. The amount of content needed for websites and companies in the digital age continues to increase along with the level of global online interconnectivity. As such it is a valuable job that can be done remotely from home and affords flexible hours.

Blogging/Freelance Writer. This is a great job for mums who enjoy writing and want to display their skills in journalism and content writing. There are many great sites and search engine aggregators that can help you find gigs at any company or business that is in need of content, or you can also develop your own blog. The best part is that you are your own boss, and can determine your own salary based on time or words written per project. Naturally, you can work remotely (as in the majority of cases) and also evolve from part-time to full-time gigs.

Tutoring/Teaching. This comes naturally to many mums as they have the communication skills required for such a job, and the rising popularity of online universities and classes has made it possible for instructors to conduct virtual classes that students follow from home. The rewards are higher flexibility of ‘office’ hours and bigger salaries!

Personal Trainer. Here is where you can keep fit and healthy just by working! You can make your own schedule, and in the process help other people stay healthy and change their lives for the better. The salary is another ‘bonus’ because personal trainers are highly sought after, especially in the health/medical sectors.

Of course these are just some of the possibilities out there, and they won’t be suitable for everyone. When you become a Mother or Father you continue to be the same individual, which your own unique set of skills, that you were before having kids- don’t let taking a break from work knock your confidence. You have a lot to offer…

Written in collaboration with Mary J

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