2018: Time to do some Flexible work? #CleanUpTheFWord @DigitalMumsHQ

Blogging has been part of my life for a period spanning four calendar years now. When it started up back in 2015 I had literally no clue that it would lead to a means of me building a flexible career around my children. It wasn’t easy, a huge amount of time was invested right from day one, and there probably (?) hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t interacted with my blog, checked into it in some way or another. 

Flexible working is the nirvana state to a parent. The ability to earn a living, whilst being able to be present in the way you choose to be – whether that’s school pick up a couple of times a week, working from home always or sometimes, or just being able to negotiate variable hours during school holidays. It’s something I’ve championed since finding this happy place, and it’s something that has made our family life easier both financially and mentally. Sick days no longer bring me out in a sweat, nor training days, or even parent teacher meeting time slot request sheets. But most importantly, it’s given us choices for our kids we simply wouldn’t have had if I’d returned to work after being made redundant.

Digital Mums Is 2018 the year you do some f******* work?

In terms of my own well being, being a Stay at home Mum probably wouldn’t have lasted had I not had my own little empire to build. A project to be passionate about, aside from the bottom of the laundry pile and toddler gymnastics. It’s given me a sense of self worth and independence, a pot of my own for the guilt free #HideTheBags splurges and the network and support it’s brought has added a surprising and wonderful dimension to my life. All the things I guess my old career brought, but without any of the constraints: I am now my own boss.

Having made the step into funded pre-school for my youngest, the hard work has paid off and now my available working hours have become much more humane – although the pull of the occasional coffee morning is no bother, and I can graft at a time that suits me, even if that is in my PJs at ten p.m. That is the beauty of flexible working.

But blogging isn’t the only digital opportunity for stay at home parents; It’s not for everyone. There are other opportunities out there and one group that is out there championing flexible working for Women is Digital Mums.

Digital Mums How to find F******* Work in 2018

If you haven’t heard of Digital Mums before, it’s a company which runs a remote Social Media Management Course, designed for Women to break into the world of digital, flexible working. It normally costs £2399, but this January Digital Mums are offering a £400 discount (until 22 Jan) to get your new year off to a start.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Digital Mums crew are also running a competition to give away one lucky lady the course for absolutely nothing. A life changing prize if ever there was one.

Give a WOman  fishfinger’s and feed her family for a day,

Teach a WOman to fish, and you feed her sushi for a lifetime

The digital mums movement is one that empowers vibrant and creative women to build a career that works for them, without having to fight for the time to be a Mum too. The course isn’t a walk over, so be prepared to put in the elbow grease, but nothing comes for free – and as women with a strong work ethic, that isn’t what we want. We just want to be able to do some flexible work.

So, it is with a little bit of encouragement and a whole lot of love for Digital Mums and their ethos, that I suggest you might consider hopping over to their site, and get in on the action to become a whole new, more flexible you in 2018.

To enter the competition all you need to do is go on over to Digital Mums Instagram or Facebook and comment on the competition post. Tell them exactly why #WorkThatWorks and f******* work matters to you, and how this gift will make a difference to you in 2018.  You can check out the full terms and conditions here. Don’t hang about as there are bound to be a lot of entries so it’s only open until this Friday 19 January 2018.

Read more here…. https://digitalmums.com/blog/some-f-work

Good Luck!


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