Very Insignificant Mum Muddles Vs The Refugee Crisis

Tonight, I was going to write a post about a fad diet. But, like so many of us, I have had an uneasy feeling in my own skin since seeing the News on Wednesday, and it did not feel right to carry on as normal.

I’d heard previously about the ‘migrant crisis’, (I don’t even like that description) and I’d maybe formed some soft opinions about it being awful for those people, but ultimately, I’d got on with my day. I’d done the food shopping, made plans for the weekend, pottered at home, been to Bluewater, had a grotty week with the kids, and, I’m ashamed to say, had a good old moan about how they’d tested my patience.

I feel pretty pathetic now.

Since Wednesday I haven’t been able to sleep, haven’t been able to think of much else than those little boys, their parents, the many others in the same situation as they were, and, of course, that image.

I didn’t want to see it, like so many of us. But, I also appreciate, and hope, that that little tots life will now make a difference to this crazy world we are living in. His legacy has to be that people stop in their tracks, and demand a change.

So now, I can’t write about wanting to lose weight, or how the girls have slept rubbishly, or how the weather is turning chilly. The very name of my blog, Mum muddling through is making me cringe.

I have regretted deeply jokes I made about #firstworldproblems, and felt sick to the pit of my stomach about taking for granted what I have, and what others do not.

The thought of my three year old anywhere remotely unsafe – being on the side of a busy road, on a busy beach where I might lose her for a moment, even on an aeroplane on her way to a lovely holiday, fills me with dread. So, I cannot begin to imagine how those parents, filled with love for their children, must have felt as they packed their babies into an overcrowded dinghy, on a cold dark night, fearing for their lives. And, to think, that was the preferred option – what hell were they leaving behind?

I am no political activist, and I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about immigration or asylum laws, but to me it’s simple; a world where babies lay washed up dead on a beach is unacceptable. This is 2015, a time when stories of accepting inhumane treatment of others belong in the past, not in the Daily Mail App.

So this week, I will forego my ridiculous muddles of motherhood, and be grateful for what I have; the safe place that I live, and for the ability to protect my children. My tongue in cheek blog about the highs and lows of parenting feels a little out of place to me at the moment. I will of course continue to share my parenting ponders beyond this, but something in me has certainly changed.

In memory of Aylan, Ghalib and all of the children, men and women who have lost their lives fleeing war torn countries, I have signed the government petition, and – if you feel the same way I have this week, I urge you to do the same.

Government Refugee Crisis Petition

Email your MP

38 degrees template to e mail MP

Make a donation

Cal Aid crowdfunding site

Save the children

Oxfam Syria Crisis Appeal

TEXT SYRIA to 70008 to donate £5

Share the above, with #savesyriaschildren

x Mum, not muddling through today.

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