Twenty Nineteen Good vibes only

As I sit, writing this with a Terry’s chocolate orange beside me (well, more specifically, two segments and the stalk which has to be saved till last #fact), it’s pretty clear where I stand on New Year Diets.

And as for Dry January? Yes I’m doing that which is no surprise as I’m planning on doing dry February, March, April, May…. In fact, I’m not planning on getting off this wagon anytime soon having discovered it’s actually pretty comfy, efficient at getting me from A to B and has a surprisingly pleasant view.

I realise that we are all pretty divided on New Year’s Resolutions, and I can totally understand why some folk feel it’s a waste of time; a self punishing loop of trying and failing to make long term changes to your lifestyle.

Having had a peek back at my Tamara Ecclestone inspired goals for 2018, I can see some that fizzled out into the blur of everyday life, and others in which I surpassed even my own expectations.

“Surprisingly, the socialite TE hasn’t touched a drop of booze in three and a half years. On this, I doubt I can ever equal with her wholesome standards as I’m pretty sure we all need one vice. Designer handbags are never going to be mine, so I’ll stick to the Gin and Ginger. That said, I do feel like my body over christmas took a bit of a battering by the constant flow of baileys, bubbles and gin cocktails, so this dry January, I’m channelling my inner Tamara to get through it.”

As well as realising I needed to take a bit of care over myself, I also reflected on needing more couple time (check), making more epic memories with the kids (check) and embracing Motherhood (mostly check).

So as I pause and reflect on where 2018 ended, I can visualise how I would like the new year to go. New year for me is a mere moment in time to stop and assess, and carry on with best intentions as opposed to self inflicted pressure.

So for 2019, one of the things I really want to focus on is channelling a more positive energy that I hope will rub off on those around me, including the folk living in our four walls. In the latter part of 2018 I realised I’d lost a little bit of myself somewhere along the way and have taken drastic steps to bring back the fun and laughter to our home.

New Year, Same Me

I’ve heard this phrase bounced around this new year a lot, and I guess it rings true here. Whilst I want to make some small changes, I am ultimately trying to reconnect with the old me, the overgrown child who would sing and dance, laugh and play her way through each day. And for that chatty, bubbly fun loving girl to be present within the four walls of her home, not just when wheeled out for social events. I believe that is possible, and I am determined to step back from the ‘routine’ of our lives and frankly, stop to smell the flowers.

Back in the autumn of 2018 I spent a lot of time reflecting on what makes me tick, where I want to be and how I can make that happen, for my own mental health, self esteem and ultimately, happiness. What became clear after a little digging is that as a social creature, I was never destined to spend my days alone at home, blog or no blog. That’s why I now know I’m ready for the next chapter, and will be looking for a part time job later this year. In the meantime, I’ve made practical and small steps to get myself out and around real life people as often as possible, and will continue to do so whilst I embrace this last school year with a pre-schooler (who incidentally is sooo ready for school).

As well as continuing to blog (in a less structured and pressurised style, thanks to steps taken back in October) I am penning my way through my first book. I have wanted to write in a more extensive fashion for some time now but lacked the inspiration of where to start, until now. Where it will go? Who knows, but if I don’t put my dreams into action, maybe I’ll never find out.

Despite having the time of my life in my Christmas job, the additional squeeze on my time did mean that any physical activity went totally out the window. So this January the running shoes have already been dusted off and I have every intention of reaping the rewards of a more active life which experience has taught me, makes me feel like a different person. Plus I’m keen to see how the no drinking has changed my overall fitness and stamina? If at all (Chocolate orange remember).

As well as all these good things, I’m journaling my way into 2019 thanks to the beautiful Bees Knees journal I got for Christmas; recording water drunk, mindful minutes, hours sleep, daily gratitude list as well as happiness goals and mood tracker. Plus each pretty page is colour-in-able for that daily dose of calming mindfulness.

One other switch I have made over the last few months is finding more confidence when it comes to my own style. Experimenting with hair and make-up, head scarves, bright colours and bold prints, clashes and sparkles, accessories and having fun with my wardrobe. That inner eccentric is beginning to shine through and I’ve been inspired to ditch the worry of what others may think. I have found a way to celebrate my own individuality, and unleashed the power of dressing for better mental health. Long gone are the days of living in leggings and baggy jumpers, or dressing primarily for comfort over style. I’ve definitely found my stride and can’t wait to explore more of my latest obsession…sustainable shopping (hello depop!).

So aside from the healthy body, healthy mind, I’m going to make a concerted effort to live by some of the instagram memes which have become part of the background noise on our social media feed, in actual real life. To support fellow women, not tear them down, to turn my back on gossip and not be drawn into negative conversations at the expense of others. To focus on the positives in my life and conserve my energy by not worrying about what’s going on in theirs.

All in all, I feel incredibly excited about this year and grateful for where I’ve been. I’ve never stepped into a January with such a clear vision and I can’t wait to muddle through the next twelve months. If there is one thing 2018 taught me, it’s that anything is possible.


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