Tread-ing on thin ice; how not to do tyre maintenance

Back in January last year I wrote a post about getting the car Winter ready, and even put there in black and white that we’d been given the green light on our tyres for a little longer… I put it there for all to see that we’d definitely get the tyres re-checked and replaced ‘soon’.

Granted, tyres are expensive, especially when you have big bad-ass wheels on your family wagon that you didn’t really factor into your car maintenance budget.

We’ll do it soon. Just a bit longer. Next week, definitely.

So, on one fine summer’s day last year, it was another car disaster as we learnt the hard way what happens when you neglect your tyres for just a bit too long.

“Mummy, what’s that noise?”.

“Erm, not sure sweetie, let me just turn down ‘Let it Go‘”. *Notices pedestrians giving me strange looks*.

So, we pulled haphazardly into the kerb and I got out to witness what can only be described as the remnants of a tyre spreading half way down the road, with not very much remaining on the wheel.

Fortunately, we were only a stone’s throw from home so we locked up and headed home. Texting the Mums to declare us out of the park visit for the afternoon.

A few phone calls later and with my lovely neighbour at my side, my reputation as being shocking at car maintenance reached a new high. With no spare in the boot (only a puncture glue something or other), and no tyre to repair it was a call out jobby. With no tyres in stock it was a two day wait. And, worst still, upon inspection the remaining three tyres were actually in need of replacement too.

Given the state of the tyre, the repair fella said I was lucky not to need to replace the wheel, as I’d probably driven on it flat for a while. (Shame).

We lived to tell the tale and (sort of) laugh about it, but honestly, I felt pretty horrendous that I’d put the family in danger. We did put off the cost of those new tyres, but by delaying the inevitable we could have paid in far worse ways. (And I’m not talking about the call out fee here).

There are many ways to buy tyres online; check out your local small chains for sure, and then there’s always kwik fit for a quote and convenient locality. You can also buy car tyres online in Dunfermline from Fife Autocentre, which covers many other areas too.

By keeping up to date with your tyre wear and tear you can take advantage of being able to shop around online and get a good deal on tyres, unlike us who had to go with a local recovery call out centre and whatever they could get in stock ASAP to restore school run normality.

My biggest advice is to pop into a local tyre centre for an honest check on your tyre tread if you aren’t sure. If they recommend a date to come back, don’t let it go to the bottom of your to do list. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Again. #carmaintenanceisntmystrongpoint.


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