Top Tips for Keeping your Toddler Dry & Healthy this Spring!

Kids love puddles. Fact. Mums? Not so much…

It seems to me, ‘Ain’t nothin’ gonna hold them down’ so we may as well embrace it, get stuck right in and go all out Peppa Pig Stylee.

As we learnt this weekend, a sunny day out can quickly turn into standing under a tree in a downpour. A pub garden get together can easily turn into a coat swapping session or raiding of the nearest persons house for jumpers.


Here’s my MMT Top tips for keeping your toddler Dry, warm and healthy this spring…brought to you in collaboration with

  1. We are British. Plan for EVERY weather eventuality on a day out. Factor 50, wellies, jumpers, sun hat, woolly hat and umbrellas. Even on a sunny spring day the temperature can drop when the sun goes behind a cloud, or in the late afternoon.
  2. Never assume the push chair rain cover is in the boot.
  3. Talking of which – keep a stash of all weather supplies in a bag for life in the car – spare clothes, hoodies, boots, buckets and spades, wellies. That way you don’t even have to remember to pack it every time you go out, and get caught short. A snuggle blanket for each of the kids in the car will be the most welcome thing after a walk in the cold and damp.
  4. Kids love umbrellas! Make the most of the rain by making precious memories with umbrellas. I’m forever telling the girls to stop using their umbrellas as swords in the house, but as yet can’t think of a time they have fulfilled their wet weather destiny?…
  5. Mums leave the brollies at home – one more thing to carry will be a decision you regretted. Invest in a waterproof jacket with a hood. You know, the type you swore you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing. You’re a mum now – get over it and move on. Practicality is everything.
  6. Keep your spare baby clothes in your baby bag inside a plastic ziplock bag. Becoming the owner of a baby changing bag will transport you back to your teenage school days as quick as you can say ‘My drink has leaked in my bag’. Only you’ll be more gutted that your baby’s spare ‘dry clothes’ are soaked more than you ever were about your Maths homework.
  7. Wellies are great for splashing around in the park, but do you remember ever wearing them all day? They weren’t designed for comfort! Prevent blisters by popping the kids in a thick pair of wellies or a spare pair of trainers to switch in to.
  8. Mums, your Hunter wellies might look the nuts, but you’ll also regret wearing them to the zoo all day. Think twice, and stick on a pair of old trainers or weatherproof walking shoes.
  9. Invest in some good quality thin rain macs for the kids – you know, the type of Cagoule your Mum used to make you take on a school trip. Yes, you have become your mother. The pacamac storability is key to it’s magic.
  10. Finally, embrace it! Sometimes, just sometimes, let them go mad. Don’t even worry about getting wet. Let them go for a walk in the heavy rain, or let them jump in puddles so much the water goes in their boots. Let your hair get soggy, and your mascara run (if you actually put any on #goals). Break free…just make sure you aren’t too far away from home, or have a warm set of dry clothes to snuggle in on the way home! Being a child is all about experiences and fun, being a Mum isn’t always about being sensible. They’ll love you for it, and one day you’ll hear the words ‘remember that day we got really soaked in the rain’. Of course – you’ll remember it with a smile too.


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