Things I can’t live without … 2020 edition

If I’d asked you what you could not live without two months ago, it might have had a very different response than the one you’d get today.

Because the crazy reality is that in 2020, we are finding out exactly what it is like to go without. For the most part, it’s first world problems (a night off from the kids?…), but it’s the first time for many of us we have had to consider alternatives to what we have come to expect to be available to us.

So whilst we might have pondered the perils of no wine, chocolate, Crap TV, McDonalds, Nando’s, Nights in the pub, Mums Roast potatoes before, now we are truly figuring out what is truly important.


Whether you infer that as your smart phone keeping up with the news, connecting you to your loved ones or the people figuring out a solution to this pandemic, the reality of losing your lifeline to society has taken a whole new level.

The ability for so many of us, to seamlessly transition to working from home; a concept that just a year or two ago would not perhaps have been the case.

All hail the apps, the camera phone, the mediums to teach our kids how to tip toe into digital contact with their school friends. For some businesses it’s the difference between sink or swim and it has enabled many class room lessons to go on ahead, albeit through the lens of a camera.

And then, there are the people making the metrics, the ones telling us what to expect and the lab coats working behind closed doors to beat the monster. Respect to the lab geeks who will save the day and show our kids who the real heroes are.


Our national health service and it’s underpaid, overworked work force have been the butt of many jokes, many grumbles and masses of criticism for too long. Finally, it’s time to realise their worth, give credit to the people holding us together now and always, and that we have it available to all. Long may that last.

As we cancel all non essential services and treatments from dentists to health checks, the reality of the hole it would leave in our lives is glaringly obvious.

Loved Ones

Despite the flippant heckles about needing to drink all the wine, hide in the toilet or under the duvet, underneath it all I know we are all grateful to have our kids safe and in sight. Yeah they have their moments, and they might drive us a bit insane but seriously, there is a pandemic out there, I don’t want them anywhere but here with me.

As well as our immediate housemates, we are all feeling the hardship of being away from our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, and our friends. But, in the reaching out and virtual checking in, I can’t help but sense that we are all becoming closer than ever.

Toilet Roll

Who could have predicted it? The symbol of the 2020 global pandemic for us Brits… the mighty bog roll. No one saw that one coming.

Except possibly me, who accidentally ordered TWO bulk bags of 24 in the online shop pre-pandemic panic. Must be a white witch.

Printer Ink

We survived a good decade without a printer. Hell, since finally reinstating one in our office we have had the same ink cartridge for the best part of three years. But in 2020, printer ink, and A4 paper come to think of it, is a commodity we are learning to treat like gold dust. Printer friendly versions for the win.


We have always appreciated our garden, that goes without saying. After living in a flat without one for three years, I never take it for granted. But given the current lockdown, my heart literally breaks at the thought of anyone without an outdoor space they can use as they need to.


When you love your garden, getting a trampoline is never an easy decision. Weighing up the pros and cons of a monstrosity eyesore vs a go to escape where the kids can burn off steam any time… we agnosised but the latter took it. Just.

Thank. God.

Mums roast potatoes

Sadly, face timing my Mums Sunday Spuds just ain’t going to cut the mustard. I’m beyond grateful that we as a family got together for Mums birthday back in Feb and had one big day together as a party of 13. But until then, I’m just going to have to keep trying to perfect that recipe on my own.

They’ll never taste the same though, without that voice asking “Are they the best roast potatoes you’ve ever had?”.

Miss you Mum x x


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2 thoughts on “Things I can’t live without … 2020 edition

  1. Kim Carberry Reply

    I think technology is keeping us all sane at the moment. The kids and me. lol They are mostly keeping up with their school work and are keeping in touch with friends. We’d be lost without it.
    Take care x

  2. Berno Reply

    What a great post. Tech really has come in to it’s own. I love my garden. It’s my sanity and salvation. I also love my hubby and, fortunately for me I’m locked in quarantine with him… so far so good xxx keep well, keep sane

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