The most annoying habits in the Muddling Through household

As a family of four who are probably far too often all based at home, it’s fair to say sometimes we can all get on each others nerves a bit. I’m not wanting this to be a man bashing post, or a ‘I hate my family’ rant, but can I just exorcise some of the things that drive us all up the wall?

Great – I know you love a moan as much as me really.

Dad Muddling Through

I’ve mentioned before that DMT has become somewhat of a Monty Don over the years, well at least he tries to anyway. It’s fair to say that whilst I LOVE he has a shared passion of mine, sometimes his ability to prioritise plant care over pretty much anything else can drive me to despair. For example, my pre-holiday checklist was three thousand points long. His could have been summarised more like this…

  1. Cut the grass
  2. Centralise all plants for watering
  3. Re-pot the prayer plant
  4. Soak the mossball Fern
  5. Adjust plant positions for maximum light / shade over the holiday.

Cute right?


Of course I’m sure I can summarise the rest in a whistlestop round up of damp towels left on the bed / floor / in a heap that will NEVER dry. Inability to close wardrobe doors (or the front porch door) and finally, a strange clicking sound that sometimes comes from his nasal cavity. But, hey, no ones perfect right?

Other than that he is the MAN OF MY DREAMS.


Oh Tigs, whose sensitivity and worry can drive us to despair! This summer, she has had a total inability to control her emotions when it comes to making decisions. Go to the shops with Dad or stay home with Mum. GO TO THE SHOPS OR STAY HOME WITH MUM? AAARGHHH. Cue total meltdown over inability to decide which would be most beneficial and which would be missing out. Hard life girl, hard life.

Although it has to be said, this natural concern has no doubt made her into the little eco warrior that she is, and her concern for animals, the environment and people is something we would never change.

Other traits of our six year old include her relentless obsession with whether she should get her hair wet in the bath, which she asks again and again every day to both DMT and I, before always dunking her head under regardless of the answer (which is always, “If you want to”).

And finally, poor Tigs, she’s soooo attached to everything. A stone she found on the beach, a picture she drew three weeks ago, that tiny plastic toy pony that she’s made a home for beside her bed. Every toy she ever owned. She’s a hoarder of things and they all have a place in her heart, and her bedroom.

The Mouse

Aside from being a bit of a Kamikaze queen, The Mouse’s most annoying habit has to be her ability to make bedtimes crazy. Her energy levels seem to know no limits, and despite clearly being dead on her feet she can just keep going…and going… and going. Her footsteps can be heard running into her sisters room from downstairs, her milk requests are enough to keep local Dairy farmers in business and she can still pretty much break us at the end of a long day.

Of course there are sooooo many things we love about her, but in the in the interest of exploring this subject fully, I’d like to add she is also a bit of a borrower, a collector of things, albeit in a more haphazard fashion to her sister. She loves to spread out, to place things in bags and boxes all around the house…just god help you if you want to know where that ‘thing went’.

I should also probably just mention, she still has pretty limited interest in food. Well, of the hot square meal type anyway. I’d be lying if I said that I was totally cool with that, and even now I can be left banging my head against the table as to how someone with sooo much zest for life can full of beans whilst definitely not being full of very much at all, and NEVER beans. It’s a bit of a superpower.

Mum Muddling Through

In the interest of balance, it’s only fair that I quizzed the fam on my most annoying habits. Deep breath, here goes.

Dad Muddling Through (Oh god it’s so going to be about farting, or running the house like some kind of dictator). “Not being more positive about yourself, because you are amazing and should be more aware of it”. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that. *Gush*.

“And farting”.

Tigs “You put on a silly voice when you see people and say hello”. Brilliant, I’ve always wanted to be a crazy granny in life, look like I excelled myself by achieving ’embarrassing Mum status just six years from the off. #Goals.

The Mouse “Angry”. Aaargh I’m the worst Mum ever! I’m sure what she meant to say is “When you are Angry” as opposed to “You’re always angry”. I’m sure. She did however follow this up with “You won’t let me wear lipstick to nursery”.  Which pretty much sums up this little diva!

So there you have it, I’ve been outed. Smelly, embarrassing, angry (ugh) Mum who doesn’t let her three year old express her creative self and should be more positive. Guess it could have been worse.

What’s your households most annoying habits?! Care to share?


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17 thoughts on “The most annoying habits in the Muddling Through household

  1. rgemom Reply

    Oh my – the voice thing got me laughing. My husband and daughter both say I have a phone voice, and then there’s the voice I have when I talk to my Daddy. They make fun of both of those, to which I respond, “Whatever”.

  2. Tom @Ideas4Dads Reply

    Lol we all have our little annoying habits. For me the one that really pushes my buttons is chewing with your mouth open…oh and farting just before bed with all the bedroom doors/windows shut….I mean that is outlawed under the Geneva Convention right?

  3. Kate (@TheMumConundrum) Reply

    Oh I Loved reading this! For me its shoes – why on earth does every other person in my house leave their shoes in literally EVERY OTHER PLACE except the sodding shoe cupboard??? I estimate that I put approximately 15 pairs of shoes away every day, but yet only 5 of us live here…How does this even happen?!!!! #coolmumclub

  4. anywaytostayathome Reply

    No lipstick to nursery, you monster!! That made me snort drink out of my nose, you’ve got your hands full there! Aaah still chuckling. #CoolMumClub

  5. Coombe Mill Reply

    A great look at family life, and a brave one from you, I dread to think what my family would say about me. #CoolMumsClub

  6. JakiJellz Reply

    I feel like I am the one who constantly tidies up after people, it drives me INSANE. Hubby drives me nuts if he has the last of something and leaves an empt packet on the side – JUST PUT IT IN THE BIN! #CoolMumClub

  7. craftcartwright Reply

    My youngest also has the inability to make decisions and when does always seems to regret the choice he made! #coolmumclub

  8. mummyswaisted Reply

    According to my son, my worst habit is that I don’t let him eat enough chocolate….I suppose it could have been worse! #coolmumclub

  9. motherhoodtherealdeal Reply

    Lol well Mister C has been taking trumping onto a whole new level recently which is getting really annoying! That and leaving his boxer shorts everyone! E’s annoying habit is just being really loud! Mine is probably leaving banana skins everywhere like a monkey! Good to be back at #coolmumclub eh? xx

  10. Rosie Doal Reply

    We’re a family of 4 too and we annoy the hell out of each other sometimes. My biggest gripe is clothes – why can’t they find their way to the laundry basket? Whether it’s my hubby or my kids…I constantly seem to be picking up after them! #CoolMumClub

  11. Sara @ Magical Mama Blog Reply

    “You won’t let me wear lipstick to nursery” Hahaha what a hoot you have on your hands!
    If those are the worst of the habits, sounds like you’re a winner!

  12. Sandra Reply

    The family really always love us even with our faults, thank goodness.

  13. Emma T Reply

    I reckon there’s too many to list for our house. It’s funny to hear about others’ though #coolmumclub

  14. The Queen of Collage Reply

    I think we all have our flaws after all we are all human #coolmumclub

  15. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... Reply

    Well done for being brave and asking for their opinions on you (not sure I’d risk asking my family! sure it would be a long list…) #coolmumclub

  16. Lisa Pomerantz Reply

    Way to be fair! And yes, we all can be pests, can’t we! <3 Lovely post! #coolmumsclub xo

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