It seems the sunshine has said goodbye for another year, maybe making a few ‘post show’ encores in September. In all honesty, it’s a bitter sweet goodbye for me. That British in-between seasons feeling is upon us, which makes us crave the coming change in temperatures, kick off the flip flops and get on our socks and boots. The idea of wrapping up in a coat seems a little bit lovely, and (dare I say it) I’ve heard people start talking about Christmas,

This week is what’s become our ‘holiday week’ ; usually Mr G takes the 2 weeks in August which span his birthday, and our wedding anniversary, and we try to go away, do major days out and make the most of the peak summer weather.

This year we were in need of a different kind of holiday.

“Is it too late to say I’ve changed my mind?”

We undertook a major renovation on the house in May through to July, which saw our little family separated for 6 weeks. We decided therefore not to book a ‘proper holiday’ (any excuse for Mr G who hates flying), and do some short weekend breaks in the UK.

Along with facing the building preparations, demolishion, homelessness, moving home, cleaning, unpacking, more cleaning, Mr G had been working all week in the city, ferrying back and forth to see us at his parents 30 minutes away, Amongst all this, we have had long weekends in Norfolk (April), Dorset (June), North Wales (July), and still one more to go to the Kent Coast, Camping.

After almost 2 years of not drinking due to carrying and feeding babies, our long lost social life returned with a bang this summer. I’d forgotten how bad hangovers with kids are, and the tiredness which follows isn’t made any easier by a baby that still doesn’t sleep through and an early bird toddler. Still, we had some great nights out at The Shard, at a Black tie ball, a cruise on the Thames to name a few.

The view from the Shard

We have been rubbish friends, she people have asked us when we’re free, we are booking people into ‘appointments’ in 6 weeks time. Weekends have been jam packed with days out, BBQs, family get togethers, and kids parties. Week day summer play dates seem to take another level, and it’s easy to feel pressured to be doing something amazing every day, which can be a little exhausting. I’ve certainly reached a point I’ve resisted every invitation in favour of a less intense week on both me and the kids.

I don’t want this to seem like an ungrateful moan, our life is wonderful, fulfilling, happy. We are blessed with so, many wonderful friends and family. It just seems that sometimes, the people we put last, are each other.

We aren’t great at saying no; in fact we don’t want to say no. But, we were missing a little TLC of the simplest kind.

This week, we had the perfect holiday. The 4 of us. Playing in the garden. Going swimming. Having dinner together in our ‘new’ home. Painting. Watching films. Taking turns to have lay ins. Impromptu dinner out. Gardening. Doing jobs around the house which are way overdue. Late bedtimes, and early nights. Us girls had our hair done, and we arranged for Daddy to have a pamper too; a massage at the local spa.

No days out. No packing the baby bag, or picnics. No long car journeys, or traffic jams. No queues, no rushing. No deadlines. It’s rained all week; but it didn’t matter. No play dates, or house guests. No hangovers, no babysitters. Just us. No alarms, no commute. No saying goodbye, no watching for the six o’clock door opening.

It’s been a little slice of heaven x


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