Spring 2020; How we will remember our lock down life

From March 23rd 2020 the UK, like many of the countries the world over, has been in an imposed quarantine. Covid-19 changed all of our lives beyond comprehension, and now, over two months later, the memories from the start of that time are starting to fade.

And so, for our own memories and a record to look back on, I realised that I wanted to capture the most memorable moments of our Lockdown life. I was hoping this post might be in draft until the end of this period, but as the end is no where in sight, perhaps it’s more manageable to think of this as a chapter; the Spring, the start of our pandemic journey, wherever it may take us.

Crackin’ Telly

If you don’t know who Carole F’ing Baskin is, you are missing out. Tiger King saw us through the start of Lockdown with many an hour trying to entertain the kids so we could squeeze in one more episode. While the world seemed to be going mad, no world seemed madder than that of Joe Exotic.

Later on, Normal People kept us gripped in a throwback to our awkward teenage years. Collum and Marianne made us stop and get all romanticized about true love, rooting for them to just be together, and feeling all the heavy fringe and oversized jumper vibes.


I’m not sure if the timing was perfect, or horrendous, but at the start of lockdown, Easter Saturday to be precise, two 8 week old kittens got thrown into the mix. Luna and Garfield brought us many highs and a few lows (upset tummies on clean bedsheets) but our lockdown life would not have been the same without them.


If you’d have ever told me I’d be wielding a pair of sewing scissors and giving everyone in the house a trim up, I’d have cut off my own hair. Well, in actual fact I’m the only one who has escaped the snip, which is a bonus as I’m growing the barnet. But when it comes to everyone else in the house, call me Vidal Sassoon and request a head massage. Can I interest you in any products today?


Like many other skills which were non-existent prior to covid-19, wallpapering can now be added to my CV. Doing up the bathroom loo became the home improvement project of the pandemic, and the crazy wallpaper and faux living wall were just what the tiniest room in the house needed to give it that special something.

On ‘yer bike

Cycling hasn’t been a big thing in our house for a long time. Dad Muddling Through’s went under the wheels of a van 10 years ago and since then it frankly lost it’s appeal. Tigs however got a bike for her 8th birthday and we were adamant that this would be the year we got her riding properly. And we are almost there… We didn’t expect to get ourselves back in the saddle, but with some extra time on our hands that’s exactly what happenned.


I’d been beginning to learn the guitar when Dad Muddling Through and I met, fifteen years ago. Other than a few drunken dodgy performances it’s been tucked away in it’s bag for well over a decade. It was out of tune, and I had entirely forgotten my C from my A minor. Lockdown made me You Tube how to tune a guitar and I pledged to learn a new song every week trough the lockdown period. I have kept to it too, and it’s amazing how little and often is actually progressing me way beyond what I imagined possible. More than anything, I remember how much I long to be able to play the guitar properly. And I am going to get there.


It’s hard not to think back over the last nine weeks without thinking of all the video call memories. Although we have lost a little of the initial excitement, we have played quizzes, bingo, scattegories, scavenger hunts, disco yoga, networking events, chit chats and even an escape room.

The situation brought the use of tech to the fore to keep in contact, and for that, I’m grateful.

Time out

Thankfully, we seem to have braved the storm, but boy have we had to deal with some crazy behaviour from the kids. The Mouse in particular has tested us to the limits of our patience and we have struggled to find the balance between giving her space and understanding, and laying down a firm line. We lost the plot of how to parent in a pandemic for a while, and time out became our best friend and our worst enemy.

Working from home school

Who would have ever known it was possible. ish. Both of us working at home, whilst the kids run around beneath our feet. We survived the first three months by cutting my part time hours in half, and as we look to the next chunk of time, well, who knows what will happen. But bloody hell. We did it. We can keep going, we can.

Daily walks

It’s such a simple thing. Going out for a walk in your local area. But honestly, before lockdown, did we ever do it? Fresh air in our lungs, breaking away from the confines of the house has been our saviour for our mental health. We discovered three or four routes we loved and walked on repeat, often in the early evening to wear the kids out before bedtime (didn’t always work btw). Nonetheless, those scooter walks, blue skies and feelings of release will forever be how I picture this time.

Who knows what happens next, in the Summer of 2020… only time will tell.


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