It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…

I’ve already cracked open a Muppets Christmas Carol, a litre of Baileys and bought a new Christmas Jumper, so it goes without saying I’m bursting at the seams to write a festive blog post.

This is likely to be a right old random ramble (I’m a blogger, that’s what we do); I don’t really know what to add to last years A-Z of christmas traditions in my household, but this year there will be a few changes.

For one, we are having our first ever family Christmas day at home. Just the four of us. I’m still not sure how I feel about opting out of our families (plural, in a big way) Christmas day. I suppose I just feel overwhelmingly compelled to mother my own family in a way I have learnt from the very best. It’s a bitter sweet decision. After all, the pressure is on to create the magic  in a massive way; to generate a feast and to create memories to last a lifetime. I’m going to be working harder than ever and it’s going to feel a bit strange. Quite frankly – I love Christmas as I know it, so I hope we don’t regret waving goodbye to the status quo.

The dinner thing I’m not too worried about – I can knock up a Roast like the best of them, and I know the drill. I love cooking, and with our recent extension it just needs to fulfill it’s Christmas Dinner destiny. But, with a kiddo who prefers to live on air as opposed to nutrients, it’s probably not going to be appreciated by 25% of the family. Hours at the dining table on the big day may be a tad unrealistic; that said, where better to let her run around and eat two peas on Christmas day than at our own home. At least I don’t have to apologise for her behaviour or leave the table myself to keep a beady eye on her shenanigans while everyone else is diving in for seconds.

Ultimately, I’m a big old romantic, and as much as it pains me to miss out on what I know and love, I know now is the time I want the girls to start building their memories of Christmas at home. In their surroundings, in their PJs if that’s what they want. To not drag them away from their new toys, and to rush the morning as we have somewhere to be. I’m hoping that after this trial run, we will be able to open our doors and host some epic Christmas days for our extended family, in thanks for all the ones we have had before us. I just need to master Mums trifle recipe first.

So, this year I need to nail a grocery shop as well as the gift shopping. I’m making good headway – I have a Tesco slot for every day Christmas week and need to REMEMBER to go back and cancel them all but the latest one I secure. #winning. I just need to fill that basket with the stuff you have to have at home at Christmas – Terrys Chocolate Oranges, Vodka and Russian, Bubbles, cheese, caddys of twiglets…blah blah blah..

Having a humungous family, the christmas shopping started just after the mouses birthday, and as the project manager in all things Christmas in our household I can report we are hitting all milestones on time. Black Friday helped a bit. Maybe. I did get kind of distracted and ended up buying a new Christmas tree. Whoops. #HideTheBags.

Alas, being an unemployed stay at home Mum, I’m going to miss the good old work knees up this year. It’s sad times when your one indulgent Christmas outfit is no longer a glittery dress but an elf Christmas jumper. I just hope my one ‘girls night out’ with my #girlgang doesn’t turn into a table for one, whilst everyone else is ‘so over’ Christmas nights out. #Loser.

That said, the focus for Christmas has certainly shifted – I can’t honestly say I mind too much about the lack of partays (hangovers) as we have a pretty healthy December calendar – Pantos, Santa visits, family meals, days with various circles of friends and their kids…I’m looking forward to all these family events together, as opposed to doing the babysitter juggle every weekend. I confess though, one thing is missing and that’s a date night. Maybe we can squeeze something in somewhere…

The girls have already been total stars – on 01 December when they ran downstairs to see the decorations, lights and tree up it was something special. Tigs (oops nearly wrote her real name then!) raced around the house hugging all her favourite bits of tat, whilst the mouse ran from room to room screaming “WOW!”. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? It took me by surprise how much Tigs remembered everything from last year – another sign that she’s growing up so fast.

The other bits I just can’t wait for are the first ever school Christmas performance – tissues at the ready! I’m also managing to have a whole day of shopping after an amazing friend suggested a tag team babysit / shop swap. I’m having her tot for the day while she shops, and swapping over the second day. Pure genius! We’re also doing a kid-swap for our respective bigger ones school play. Everyone needs a friend like that in their life.

I’m also looking forward to a bit of a blog break. Since #blogfest16 I’ve felt so inspired and as though I could write and write every day – but at this time of year there is just so much going on. Expect #coolmumclub and it’s host to be blogging off before Christmas, to return in the new year.

I’ve nearly recovered from the shock of looking at my bank account, a glass of baileys helped. It’s a shame I didn’t get the elf job, that would have helped a bit. But – just think of all the money I’m saving in going out, dresses, food and taxis. It didn’t stop me e mailing the hubby my ridiculously overpriced trainers link, as spotted on Lucky Things Blogfest16 style round up. Failing that, I’m desperate for one of these Kikki K planners. But, Christmas is all about giving isn’t it. (Well, almost, I think every successful project manager deserves a bonus).

This year in fact, I’m starting to feel the joy of Christmas in the build up more than ever. As the girls are in that stage where it is just such a fairytale, it’s beautiful watching their eyes light up with every new experience.

So, enjoy it all guys – every second…


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