It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…

I’ve already cracked open a Muppets Christmas Carol, a litre of Baileys and bought a new Christmas Jumper, so it goes without saying I’m bursting at the seams to write a festive blog post.

This is likely to be a right old random ramble (I’m a blogger, that’s what we do); I don’t really know what to add to last years A-Z of christmas traditions in my household, but this year there will be a few changes.

For one, we are having our first ever family Christmas day at home. Just the four of us. I’m still not sure how I feel about opting out of our families (plural, in a big way) Christmas day. I suppose I just feel overwhelmingly compelled to mother my own family in a way I have learnt from the very best. It’s a bitter sweet decision. After all, the pressure is on to create the magic  in a massive way; to generate a feast and to create memories to last a lifetime. I’m going to be working harder than ever and it’s going to feel a bit strange. Quite frankly – I love Christmas as I know it, so I hope we don’t regret waving goodbye to the status quo.

The dinner thing I’m not too worried about – I can knock up a Roast like the best of them, and I know the drill. I love cooking, and with our recent extension it just needs to fulfill it’s Christmas Dinner destiny. But, with a kiddo who prefers to live on air as opposed to nutrients, it’s probably not going to be appreciated by 25% of the family. Hours at the dining table on the big day may be a tad unrealistic; that said, where better to let her run around and eat two peas on Christmas day than at our own home. At least I don’t have to apologise for her behaviour or leave the table myself to keep a beady eye on her shenanigans while everyone else is diving in for seconds.

Ultimately, I’m a big old romantic, and as much as it pains me to miss out on what I know and love, I know now is the time I want the girls to start building their memories of Christmas at home. In their surroundings, in their PJs if that’s what they want. To not drag them away from their new toys, and to rush the morning as we have somewhere to be. I’m hoping that after this trial run, we will be able to open our doors and host some epic Christmas days for our extended family, in thanks for all the ones we have had before us. I just need to master Mums trifle recipe first.

So, this year I need to nail a grocery shop as well as the gift shopping. I’m making good headway – I have a Tesco slot for every day Christmas week and need to REMEMBER to go back and cancel them all but the latest one I secure. #winning. I just need to fill that basket with the stuff you have to have at home at Christmas – Terrys Chocolate Oranges, Vodka and Russian, Bubbles, cheese, caddys of twiglets…blah blah blah..

Having a humungous family, the christmas shopping started just after the mouses birthday, and as the project manager in all things Christmas in our household I can report we are hitting all milestones on time. Black Friday helped a bit. Maybe. I did get kind of distracted and ended up buying a new Christmas tree. Whoops. #HideTheBags.

Alas, being an unemployed stay at home Mum, I’m going to miss the good old work knees up this year. It’s sad times when your one indulgent Christmas outfit is no longer a glittery dress but an elf Christmas jumper. I just hope my one ‘girls night out’ with my #girlgang doesn’t turn into a table for one, whilst everyone else is ‘so over’ Christmas nights out. #Loser.

That said, the focus for Christmas has certainly shifted – I can’t honestly say I mind too much about the lack of partays (hangovers) as we have a pretty healthy December calendar – Pantos, Santa visits, family meals, days with various circles of friends and their kids…I’m looking forward to all these family events together, as opposed to doing the babysitter juggle every weekend. I confess though, one thing is missing and that’s a date night. Maybe we can squeeze something in somewhere…

The girls have already been total stars – on 01 December when they ran downstairs to see the decorations, lights and tree up it was something special. Tigs (oops nearly wrote her real name then!) raced around the house hugging all her favourite bits of tat, whilst the mouse ran from room to room screaming “WOW!”. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? It took me by surprise how much Tigs remembered everything from last year – another sign that she’s growing up so fast.

The other bits I just can’t wait for are the first ever school Christmas performance – tissues at the ready! I’m also managing to have a whole day of shopping after an amazing friend suggested a tag team babysit / shop swap. I’m having her tot for the day while she shops, and swapping over the second day. Pure genius! We’re also doing a kid-swap for our respective bigger ones school play. Everyone needs a friend like that in their life.

I’m also looking forward to a bit of a blog break. Since #blogfest16 I’ve felt so inspired and as though I could write and write every day – but at this time of year there is just so much going on. Expect #coolmumclub and it’s host to be blogging off before Christmas, to return in the new year.

I’ve nearly recovered from the shock of looking at my bank account, a glass of baileys helped. It’s a shame I didn’t get the elf job, that would have helped a bit. But – just think of all the money I’m saving in going out, dresses, food and taxis. It didn’t stop me e mailing the hubby my ridiculously overpriced trainers link, as spotted on Lucky Things Blogfest16 style round up. Failing that, I’m desperate for one of these Kikki K planners. But, Christmas is all about giving isn’t it. (Well, almost, I think every successful project manager deserves a bonus).

This year in fact, I’m starting to feel the joy of Christmas in the build up more than ever. As the girls are in that stage where it is just such a fairytale, it’s beautiful watching their eyes light up with every new experience.

So, enjoy it all guys – every second…


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26 thoughts on “It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…

  1. beautybabyandme Reply

    Ahhh I love this post – every time I read one of your posts I’m compelled to write my own!!! I agree with the blog break over Christmas – it’s family time! xxx #coolmumclub

  2. justsayingmum (@justsayingmum) Reply

    Oh that fairytale stage is just the best isn’t it? I can just imagine their faces with the decorations – you write it so well. I hope Christmas is everything you want it to be and I am cure the girls will adore being in their PJs all day – we’e Christmas at mine too this year but all the family are coming – it is gorgeous chaos but there’s always baileys! #CoolMumClub

  3. Chilli Regina Reply

    I enjoyed reading insights of your family! This time of year is my favorite ven though I suck at christmas shopping – always the last minutes! I also love the letters the kids wrote to F.C.;) mine are 8 and 9 and they still do it – it’s lovely! Love the snowman! I shall miss you over Christmas, but it is a family time and we all should enjoy it as much as possible! by the way:I never liked glitery dresses anyway;)) #coolmumclub

  4. Reply

    I think it will be lovely making your own memories at home. If my family lived close enough we’d probably have xmas day at home and xmas eve with one side and boxing day with the other, to make it fair. As we’re too far away anyway though we just go to my inlaws xmas day and boxing day! x #coolmumclub

  5. Winnettes Reply

    I’m slowing the blog down over Christmas too, I’ll likely stop altogether for a week as well will actually have Hubby at home for all of it thanks to the extra bank holidays. I have thought about taking over Christmas before but it makes my Mother in law so happy to do it every year I don’t have the heart yet. Have a good Christmas X

  6. five little doves Reply

    Ahh gorgeous posts, I feel super excited for Christmas now too! We used to always go to my parents house for Christmas but once we had the youngest three we decided that it was time for us to have Christmas in our own home. Now my parents come to us and we do the dinner and the children have all of their toys, and it’s everything that I dreampt Christmas would be – crazy and manic but filled with laughter. We go to my in-laws for boxing day….begrudgingly, ha! #coolmumclub

  7. dadbloguk Reply

    Aye, the pressure is huge but to do your ting with your family is to be encouraged. It can be very difficult though can’t it, all the pressure to be somewhere else. As for the partays you mention, so not bothered by them any more! Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  8. Talya Reply

    This is such a lovely read hon – we are in the exact same stage and is totally magical and amazing to see it through their eyes and built the memories with them. Yours, from the #coolmumclub sick bed xx

  9. Rhyming with Wine Reply

    I will be humming this all night now! Love this post and I know what you mean about wanting to host your own Christmas at home and let your little ones stay in their PJs. It’s so magical at this age isn’t it? Genius idea with the shopping day babysitting swap though. I might need to rope some friends in for this one! Thanks for hosting lovely x #coolmumclub

  10. Lucy At Home Reply

    We’re staying put for the first time this Christmas too. I’m also excited but a little apprehensive – like you, I’ve always loved our big family Christmas so it’ll be interesting to see how we fare on our own this year. I’ve also just got home from our first school nativity (and yes I was totes emotional!) #CoolMumClub

  11. kittyandb Reply

    Lovely post. I think kids just make Christmas! Sounds like you’ve got so many lovely things planned and I’m sure when it gets to it, you’ll really love and cherish your (smaller) family Christmas! Hope you manage to squeeze in a date night, too! x #coolmumclub


  12. Laura Reply

    What a fab post MMT. I love this because I can totally relate to the ‘original’ Christmases- where mum cooks for us all and I don’t have to do diddly squat. But last year we stayed in our own home for Christmas Day for the first time and we loved it! Relaxing and special. You are right- now is the time to start building the memories for the little ones in their own home. Pyjamas in the comfort of their own home, no rushing to go out, mums home made dinner, presents around a tree that they have helped to decorate. And my personal favourite for the adults: no need to drive!! Enjoy xx

  13. Angela Watling Reply

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas at home. Whilst in some ways it’s sad not to see extended family, I think it’s nice to be able to indulge with your immediate tribe. Your little ones will love being in their own home and with Mummy and Daddy not distracted. Plus it actually extends the Christmas celebration out because you get to have lots of little Christmas days!

    I LOVE Muppets Christmas Carol. I wonder if it’s on Netflix….


  14. theseasonalchild Reply

    It sounds like you have everything in hand and you are all going to have the most wonderful of Christmases. After all…it’s all about “Going home and getting warm by the fire..” (see what I did there?! 😉 #CoolMumClub

    1. MMT Reply

      In all the places you find love, it feels like Christmas! 😉

  15. Mrs Lighty Reply

    Ooh you sound like you’re very organised and have this Christmas all sussed! At least more so than I do, but that’s not difficult!! It’s funny how your focus shifts to the children once you’re a parent rather than your own social life, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing this with #coolmumclub and hosting xxx

  16. Double the Monkey Business Reply

    Oh enjoy your first Christmas at home! A few years ago we made the same decision and it is so nice to be able to celebrate it in our own home and not have to rush around with the kids. BTW, the Muppet Christmas Carol is my all time favourite Christmas movie – I make hubby watch it every Christmas eve (and a few times before). I am now singing this tune as well , yeah! x #coolmumclub

  17. teacuptoria Reply

    What a gorgeous festive post! You’ve reminded me that I NEED to buy some baileys. December should be filled with little cheeky nips of Baileys before/after the school run hehe! I think you will love having Christmas at home, especially in your new extension.As you say, you can always extend to a few guests next year. Love all the pics too. xx #coolmumclub

  18. Janine Reply


  19. Janine Reply

    You’re Christmas sounds just like ours will be this year from already having bought the bailys (and having drunk most of it), to seeing my son in his first Christmas production, and having booked the food shop in advance. Like you we are also staying at home this year, which save us a small fortune in taxis so I’m pleased about that. In fact I could have written this whole post. the only difference between your Christmas and mine is that we will be eating food supplied by Asda and not Tesco 😉

    thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

  20. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) Reply

    Love the build-up to Christmas and how lovely to be spending it in your own home and starting up some of your own family traditions. Love your elf jumper! #coolmumclub

  21. Mrs Mummy Harris Reply

    Awww you can tell in your post how much you love this time of year and how much you’re looking forward to Christmas this year!
    I won’t be having a break from blogging as I’m worried as I’m so new, if I stop I won’t continue BUT I think I might schedule some old posts from before my linkies finding around the days to make it easier for me and I technically won’t be actually blogging that much.
    Have an amazing time with the family! #coolmumclub

  22. Helena Reply

    It’s great to be with your immediate family and enjoy the build up together. #coolmumclub

  23. shinnersandthebrood Reply

    Enjoy it all! The quieter Christmas, the family time, the blog break, the Christmas concert! #coolmumclub

  24. Sunita Reply

    Fab round up of what’s going on and what’s going to be happening in your house! Christmas just the four of you sounds good to me. We’re excited about the day we can do that. No pressure, eat pizza if we want…
    Oh I hope those sparkly trainers from my style round up turn up under your tree. If not, better give Santa a warning for not taking hints properly!!! #coolmumclub

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