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The inspiration for this post came in the shape of the week it took me to get over Harry Styles performance at The Brit awards 2020. You see, despite knocking on 40, every now and then I have a tendency to get all unnecessary about a public figure that makes me feel like a seventeen year old who plasters their walls with posters of the latest dream boat. My teenage walls were floor to ceiling with Dec off of Ant and Dec, who back then could be found sporting some floppy curtains and baggy trousers.

Now, before you get all defensive Dad Muddling Through, lets let it be said that you have made your feelings for Rita Ora perfectly well known. And Nicole Scherzy come to think of it. And Kate Beckinsale…

So, as is possibly inappropriate for a married thirty something mother of two, I’m going to share some of my school girls crushes past and present, and I’d love to know yours 😉

Harry Styles

I think Harry was drip fed into my subconscious when Tigs was two and became obsessed with One Direction. We watched their videos on repeat, and the particularly bland 1D movie, as well as having a life size cardboard cut out in our dining room. The twinkle in Harrys eye wasn’t instantaneously noted but as time went on and he grew up a bit, I couldn’t fail to observe what a fine specimen of a man he was growing into. And, as he went off the rails, got tattoos and started wearing quirky fashion choices, he only went up in my estimations…


Noel Fielding

Way back before 1D were a thing, there was another Noel on the scene. Probably better known for his love of catsuits and cowboy boots than being a sex god, but Noel Fielding’s unique persona just rocked my world. Imagine being able to pull off that much eye make up, or be the man in the moon and still look good. Double bonus with the funniest of jokes IMO he would definitely be on my dream dinner party list.


Mark Owen

Now, to say I had a crush on Mark Owen from take that really wouldn’t be so shocking. But if I said I had no interest in him in the bare chested waterfall days of Pray, it may seem a little backwards.

In fact, Mark only caught my eye long after the Take That comeback when he was more known for being a recovering addict of sex and substances, the quirky one with the crazy dance moves and endless energy on stage. Yep, that’s when he became someone I became totally into for about a month after seeing Take That live and it’s safe to say he is up there with my school girl crushes.


Jamie Dornan

Again, JD is probably not that surprising on anyone’s hot list after his star performance as Mr Grey in the hot and steamy housewife classic Fifty Shades movie version. But Jamie didn’t really do it for me as a hot U.S. millionare. No, he was way too clean cut, even for a guy who had some rather seedy red room preferences.

For me, Jamie stole my heart as a murdering sex pest in the BBC drama ‘The Fall’. Yep, Paul Spector was strangely attractive despite his evil core and whether it was the irish accent or the beard, there was something about that character that just got under my skin.


Dad Muddling Through

It would seem from the above summary that I have somewhat of a penchant for ‘wronguns’, but I guess I like a rogue character. Possibly not what you’d expect if you ever met the mature and grown up version of Dad Muddling Through.

I guess once upon a time though it was his cheeky antics and sparkle in his eye that had me fall head over heels for him. He may not have a penchant for hats like Noel or Mark, and he may not be as rock star as Harry, he isn’t even as tall dark and handsome as Jamie, but he is definitely the school girl crush who has lasted the test of time the most, and what’s even better is that he is the one I get to wake up beside every morning.




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