Just suck it up: #hooveringtheshitoutoflife

I’m falling out of love a little with the term ‘Stay at Home Mum’…mainly because I don’t just stay at home. But anyway, for all intense and purposes, I am currently choosing to opt out of work to spend a bit of time with the kids, before they get all grown up on me, at home.

So, currently living the dream of an ‘often at home Mum’ I have to fess up that I am developing a bit of an obsession with hoovering. Now vacuuming has gone all cordless on us, I just can’t stop myself.

Not helped by a fairly recent ‘Aldi Specials’ bargain purchase of a Dyson hand held I had been lusting after for quite some time (damn we could have waited a little longer and snagged the cordless upright…).  You see, now I can hoover everywhere, anywhere, and like a Charlies frickin Angel.

Yes, my hoover goes where it probably shouldn’t. Here’s a selection of the places that get the Dyson treatment, other than ‘the floor’.

  1. Shoes. Sad times, when you get out your heels from the bottom of the wardrobe and they are so covered in whispy dust they need a quick once over. As Nat and I discussed following this post…’The lost property store of parenting‘.
  2. The toddler. She loves it, honest. It’s just a little tickle really. And those cake crumbs…they get EVERYWHERE don’t they? In fact, as soon as they see the handheld, the girls start giggling and running away in a ‘come and get us’ fashion.
  3. The toaster. No more breadcrumbs all over the worktop around the toaster…or even trying to empty those fiddly little crumb trays. Simple pleasures in life, simple pleasures.
  4. The Tumble Drier. Spurred on by the fact we have one of those self igniting brands seen in the news lately, I love giving the filter compartment the Dyson treatment. Defuzzing the tumble drier, strangely satisfying.
  5. The kitchen. The Toy kitchen, that is. They get pretty manky, those static plastic toys cluttering up the house. I have questioned my state of mind whilst vacuuming inside the toy sink, but I’ll tell you what, it comes up a treat with the brushy bit.

Must. Get. Out. More.


This post is not sponsored by Dyson, but probably should be. I flippin love a Dyson, and have a massive amount of respect for their products and customer service. High five.

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