Quotes from the G-unit: September 2015

We’ve all said it; “We should write this stuff down!”. Here is as good a place as any! Our three year old (TG to you) has certainly come up with some crackers lately, enjoy 😉

Mr G: ” I think [baby G] is peeling.

“MMT: “That’s mashed potato”

TG: “Mummy why are your clothes all covered in disgusting?”

MMT: *Changes banana / snot covered T shirt. Sighs. *

TG: “Mummy, why is your hair turning white?”

MMT: “I wish I could be back at school again.”

TGs little pal on his 1st day at school: “You can’t, you’re a grown up. Are you 100?”

MMT: “I feel it.”

Mr G: “We could go and get fish and chips? Or a kebab when the kids are in bed?”….

TG: “NO! We haven’t got any money! REMEMBER?!”

Us: *Rolls around on floor laughing*

MMT: “Just think, one day we’ll go to bed, and wake up in the morning.”

MMT: “Do you know what Father means?”


TG: “I don’t want my hot cross bun any more, I’m too old.”

MMT: “My head is a bit a hurty”

TG: “My head is a bit happy!”

TG: “Do Aliens blow off?”

TG: “Why do you love me so much?”

 MMT: “Why do you think?”

TG: “Because you love me every day.”

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