Packing for a weekend away? It’s in the bag…

Bags for life are stuffed down the side of every cupboard, appliance, and pocket of the car. That’s what happens when you never ever remember to take them shopping. I do kinda miss those old carrier bags – they were handy for dirty wellies, soggy clothes, makeshift binliners weren’t they?

But, there is a plus side. Not only can you ease your guilt for wanting to purchase a lovely new design tote bag for just £1 or so, but they do come in flipping handy. And they save the planet, don’t they?

This weekend for example, we were going away on a chavavan holiday with some friends. Three families to be precise. The packing list for a self catering holiday these days is pretty epic, but we got it nailed. And the answer is in the BAG…well, make that BAGS…

  1. Food bag. Generally stuffed with hand to mouth food items (Brioche, cereal bars, a can of beans or two, tea, coffee, sugar, a huge bag of pasta. It’s all good, we won’t starve).
  2. Toy bag. Best not to let the kids pack it themselves or you’ll end up with a mountain of cute stuffed toys and bored children. Think activities, time wasters, stuff to DO).
  3. Kitchen bag. Classics not to be forgotten…tea towels, bin bags, kitchen roll, a-bac wipes, kids crockery, washing up liquid. Hand held hoover too much? Well, if you can squeeze it in…
  4. Shoes bag. A whole flipping shopper packed with 4 peoples shoes (Wellies, flip flops, crocs, smart shoes, trainers. I blame the british weather)
  5. Booze bag. Obvs.
  6. Jumpers bag. Also stuffed / piled high with blankets, onesies, dressing gowns. If you’ve ever frozen your bits off in a tin can caravan, you know why.
  7. Plus the required 2 x Trunki, 1 x weekend bag of clothes for 4 peeps. Catering for every weather eventuality.
  8. Baby changing bag – Really must start thinking about downsizing to something more practical…
  9. Rucksack (yeah that’s a bag too). Dads a lot happier about carrying this on a day trip.
  10. Cool bag. To transport the bit’s you’ll think about leaving behind but be so damn pleased you didn’t later. Half a tub of butter, some yogurts for the kids, a pint of milk, cheese, bacon, eggs, fruit, a few pre-made sarnies for the journey).
  11. Beach bag. Well here’s hoping?! Bucket and spades at the ready!
  12. Swimming bag. And if the weather is a total washout – there’s always the pool…

And don’t forget you need to squeeze in the car a travel cot and stroller. Oh, and two kids.

Maybe we need to invest in a trailer…



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One thought on “Packing for a weekend away? It’s in the bag…

  1. jaxbest Reply

    Going away is the most stressful thing for me! I have lists written down weeks before.. It’s a LONG process!

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