#MySundayPhoto The Perfect Storm

On Friday evening we watched an incredible storm roll in and as it reached its climax we all watched on in disbelief as two full double rainbows formed across the sky. In my attempt to capture the rainbows in their best light I took a dozen or so photos, and as I looked at them later and picked the best, I realised we had also managed to catch a huge bolt of lightening through the rainbows.

Sometimes being obsessed with catching the best shot pays off…

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2 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto The Perfect Storm

  1. dadbloguk Reply

    Apologies if my comment turns up twice, had a strange technical issue while trying to post it! Saw this on Instagram. Once in a lifetime kinda shot. Amazing capture and your timing was perfect. #mysundayphoto

    1. MMT Reply

      Your comment made it through John! Will check out why that happened. Thanks, it really is a special one and couldn’t have planned it if I tried!

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