Mum Muddling Through Christmas traditions

Ah, Christmas traditions. In this day and age it feels there is more pressure than ever to have amazing traditions coming out of your ears, probably a contributing factor to why Christmas overwhelm is a thing for modern parents. Christmas Eve boxes, outdoor lights which are visible from the moon, Elf on the fricking shelf and the list goes on.

So I’m here to remind you that not all christmas traditions, and indeed not all other Mums are as perfect as they appear on their social media feed…

A bit of this, a bit of that…

The Christmas cake bake up is a little gem a friend tipped me off on – a hands on memory making opportunity which doesn’t require a bank loan, generate a ton of plastic crap or indeed require booking in March. 


Our christmas cake is frankly a frankenstein of a couple of online recipies and a total make it up as you go along. It might be inedible, but hey it mkes the house smell lovely and you can offer the grand parent a slice on Christmas eve. Win win. Just good luck finding four hours to bake the thing.

It wouldn’t be 01 December if…

Mum had actually remembered to buy an advent calendar. But don’t worry, they are on special offer by the 3rd December you know.


And as for extreme adventing, the latest craze, you can forget that in our house. But god bless Nanny Muddling Through who took pity in my year on year intentions to do a book advent, and took that on as a Nanny job. 

Christmas card Fun

I will not write christmas cards. I will not write christmas cards. I will not write christmas cards. When is the last post date again? And does anyone have a list of names for R2? 


What can I say, I’m old school.

Elf Gate

Why, oh WHY did we give in? Sarah of Christmas of 2018 I curse your 180 on the whole shizzle. Little SnowGlow brought so much joy to our house, and yet SO much fear. So many tears and so many broken nights sleep.


It’s fair to say Elf On The Shelf preference differences between siblings were unprecedented at the antenatal advice classes. 

Don’t touch anything

Our christmas tree erection may have looked something out of a Christmas movie, but I can tell you the reality is always something totally different. 


Despite years of trying to undo the control freak in me when it comes to Christmas decorations, I still struggle to see the kids wripping open the storage boxes which I’ve kept pristine for years. And stepping on baubles, and breaking hand made personalised tree trinkets. 

Let’s just say I’m work in progress.

Ho Ho Oh

‘Where are you taking the kids to see Father Christmas this year?’ didn’t seem too tricky a question in October. But how the hell did we reach December without having nailed that one? Utter parenting Fail as always, and if memory serves me correct, we have only ever pre booked one Santa experience in seven ears of parenting. Which I hasten to add was booked by a friend.


The thing is though, I like to do grottos by the seat of my pants, on a wing and a prayer, and with a little bit of Christmas Magic it always seems to come together.

Which, in all honesty is probably my mantra for the entire Christmas season. So don’t worry, know we are all imperfectly muddling through Christmas, and just remember to smile at all these little crazy moments as you go, because the chaos of Christmas is really what it is all about.


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