What do you mean you need a break from the old routine?

If curiosity killed the cat, monotony killed the stay at home Mummy.

I don’t mean that to sound so negative, but the routine of taking care of the children and family chores can get a little repetitive can’t it? I’ve always believed that kids do well on a good routine, but as they are growing into children, it’s time to break through the boundaries and take a walk on the wild side.

I once heard on the radio a discussion about repetition, which said that the benefits of always doing certain tasks in the same way allowed a reduction of stress on the mind. For example, if you always put your keys in the same bowl by the door, and shoes on a rack, you will never have to think about where they are; freeing up your mind to glide through daily tasks stress-free.

I subscribed to that concept for quite a while. Until I read another opposing theory; that repetition does in fact dull your senses and sends you through your days on auto-pilot failing to engage with your surroundings and therefore leaving you missing out on life experiences.

So whilst I’m not hiding the car keys, or boycotting the laundry, I’m trying to adopt this philosophy: Being more present in my day to day, and enjoying the experiences I’m sharing with the children as they grow up.

For me and the girls, it’s the small changes which make a big impact to our week. We just enjoyed two weeks off nursery, which for the first time, was such a blessing – to forget about the normal morning rush and do things together without the bind of the ‘nursery runs’.

Is a change as good as a rest? I’m not sure anything is as good as an actual rest…but here are a few things which come pretty damn close.

Scrapping sandwhiches for lunch and picking up chip shop chips.

Letting Tigs stay up late on the weekend to share our takeaway and watch a film, until she falls asleep.

Inviting nursery friends over for tea.

Staying in our pyjamas all day.

Getting away for a weekend.

Walking home from nursery.

Go to friends or family for the evening, and stay up way past bedtime.

Scrapping a regular group, and trying out a new one.

Eating lunch in the garden.

Meeting up with friends we haven’t seen for ages.

Going somewhere fun for the day.

Going absolutely nowhere for the day.

It’s done us, or should I say, me, the world of good. Go on, do something crazy, well, different, today.



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