What is a Jedi anyway? When you’ve never seen Star Wars

Everyone’s talking about this film. The film of the year, apparently. The return of the Jedi. Or was it something else. The Jedi strikes back? *googles* Oh. The last Jedi.

But I have a confession – I have no clue what a Jedi actually is. Because I’ve never seen Star Wars. Ever.

Not even the old ones.

It’s become apparent to me that folk find this odd. And I see that people seem to love the whole Star Wars thing – and I can’t even say I hate Star Wars, because, y’know, I’ve never watched it.

I’ve heard countless conversations about it, seen clips over the years, and absorbed some facts by osmosis. For example, I know what an Ewok is. And R2D2. And the other one, the gold one (is it gold?). I know who Princess Leia is, or at least, what her hair looks like. But I have no clue who this dude Jedi is. Or who these folk are – are the Jedi like The Trolls? Or a bit more evil. Is Darth Vader a Jedi? Is Jedi plural? For what? Jedwards? (Sorry, I realise this is sacrilege to the many people who love SW).

I’m not even entirely against watching the new films. But I’ve always figured I’d need to catch up on the previous forty years first. And, well, in all honesty, there’s usually something that appeals more than a dusty old sci-fi film. And, I guess, a bit like Harry Potter – it isn’t that I don’t fancy watching it all, it’s just such a commitment.

And if I were to decide to set about this epic adventure in cinematic history – where would I even begin? Netflix? Blockbuster Video? I have no idea what Star Wars One even is. Do you watch it in order it was released, or given the choice, start with the prequels?

By all accounts the latest film (is it the last one?) is pretty good. But the odds of me squeezing in the other, however many films, in between now and it finishing at the pictures is slim to none – what with the distraction of Christmas in the immediate vicinity.

All the same, I would like to find out exactly what all the fuss is about. Perhaps in time for the next film….although I’m pretty sure I said that last time.

Maybe 2018 will be my year to journey to the Dark Side, to understand the force and be enlightened.

Or maybe I’ll remain in the dark. Leaving the hubs to enjoy cinema nights to see the endless releases of new Star Wars films with the lads. Use the opportunity to do the things that make me happy, and accept we aren’t all destined to visit galaxies far far away.


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4 thoughts on “What is a Jedi anyway? When you’ve never seen Star Wars

  1. Kim Carberry Reply

    Yes! This is me! lol I have no interest in Star wars….I haven’t seen any of the films. I’ve seen bits of a couple and they just didn’t float my boat…My fella is a huge fan though and my girls have seen a couple of the films and love them. Eek!

    1. MMT Reply

      Yes! There is at least two of us!

  2. dadblogukJohn Adams Reply

    Well Sarah, I’ll not be much use to you. My kids are keen to see The Last Jedi, but I can’t deny it, I am very much a casual Star Wars observer. Some of the geeky conversations I’ve seen on social media go well over my head. And I am totally confused over the order of the films. No idea what sequence they’re meant to come in. Have a good Christmas!

    1. MMT Reply

      Ha ha, glad to hear not all mankind are obsessed! The hubs went today and reported back a mediocre rating. Update though, I watched a bit of one of them this week! Until the kids came in and had other ideas. Oh well, I tried! Have a wonderful Christmas John!

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