If I won the lottery…

Years ago whilst pottering away in the lab at work, we got into a bit of a debate. Would you give up work if you won the lottery? Opinions were divided, and whilst some people said they would definitely continue with the career they had worked hard for, others said the first thing they’d do is hand in their notice.

The irony was, by the end of the long winded (and heated) discussion, it came to light none of us actually do the lottery. And let’s face it, when it comes to lottery wins, you have to be in it to win it.

Whilst I’m not a gambler, I do on occasion pick up a lottery ticket or a scratch card; just if I’m feeling lucky. My sense of fortune is obviously a little ‘off’ as I’ve not won big time yet.

Well, not unless you count the time at a family birthday barbeque; when I actually thought I had won a 6 figure prize on a scratch card, for a whole five minutes (until my mother in law double checked it and I’d misread the rules). That was an adrenaline rush none of us, including their neighbours, will forget in a hurry.

So, what if one of my lottery flutters did hit the jackpot? Clearly the handing in my notice thing is a bit of a non-issue these days. Although, for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure I’d still blog.

Right now, a nice family holiday would be high up the agenda. One or two maybe, to give us some stuff to look forward to. Eurodisney would be a definite, as I’d love to take the girls later in the year or maybe even upgrade to Florida. Some summer sun involving more luxury, less caravan would be pretty lovely – two weeks away from the day to day grind would be just amazing.

In fact, I’d also love to say yes to a few trips we had to turn down this year due to priorities as a one income family. And it’d be just fantastic to be able to treat our extended family to some luxury and sunshine too.

On the subject of family, it would be a dream to help my parents retire – a stage in life that seems so near and yet so far away. It’d allow them to drop some of the strains of full time work and allow some freedom to enjoy their twilight years, and their grandchildren.

It’s amazing how when you really think about it, moving to a huge house or rushing out to buy loads of things doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you imagine that big win. So, it would seem, whilst money certainly can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you time, or rather quality time when you extract the financial pressures of life. This cements my thoughts lately that it’s not things that make our life special, but rather the people in it, and the experiences you share with them.

That said, if I were to win, a Mulberry handbag would be a must, wouldn’t it?

This post is written in collaboration with lottoland, a site in which you can go in for the win on a different type of lottery – the site allow you to place your bets on any number of lotteries from around the world, and matches the jackpot should you win. If you fancy a dabble on the USA powerball, or fancy chancing a bit of Irish luck on the Irish lotto it’s worth checking out.


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