How childhood has changed since we were kids

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As a parent, do you ever watch your children playing with their toys, interacting with their friends, watching their favourite shows, and think back to your own childhood? If you do, chances are you’ll have noticed a few key differences from the typical childhood of today compared to back in your day

Looking back over the years, it’s astonishing to see how much childhood has changed from one decade to another – from how the majority of our time was spent, the most popular toys on the market, the most influential shows and even the tastiest treats on the shelves.

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, so that’s why Toys for a Pound created this round up, looking at childhood of the past – take a look and see how many toys, shows, sweets and snacks drum up happy memories of your own years as a young’un.

How Childhood Has Changes Through The Decades

Which aspects of your own childhood have stood the test of time?

As with everything, trends come and go – what was once the biggest and best thing since sliced bread eventually becomes a distant memory. That being said, some things do stand the test of time and you’re likely to see a number of items in the round up which have probably featured in both your own and your children’s childhood!

Whether it’s the classic Etch A Sketch, a Yo-Yo, My Little Pony or a Tamagotchi, take a look and let us know in the comments, which of your own childhood favourites have become a favourite with your children?

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