Hello Sunshine

The first hot week of the much anticipated Summer season; It’s one of the best times of year isn’t it? Moods are flying high and the novelty is far from worn off. It’s right up there with putting up the Christmas decorations in December, and going for woodsy welly walks in autumn. You cannot beat the smell of barbecues wafting over from next door, and washing off the mud sticking to every crevice of your sun cream covered kids at the end of a bloody brilliant sunny day . Mr Blue Sky, WHY DID you have to hide away for so long?

I can bet you, along with me, can tick off a fair few of these classic ‘hello sunshine’ moments over the last week…British Summertime cliches, as predictable as rain on your garden party. We’re Brits, buy a Gazebo.

  1. Dusted off your flip flops, and got a blister between your toes.
  2. Visited a garden centre / DIY store along with the rest of the entire human population and left with way more stuff than you meant to.
  3. Bought some summer clothes, or even better, dug out last years end of season sale bargains.
  4. Walked somewhere you normally drive to. In flip flops, causing the aforementioned blister.
  5. Broken out the BBQ. Realised the gas is out. Googled where you can buy gas on a Sunday. Wondered if a good old coal version might be better after all.
  6. Had salad with dinner instead of veg. Dinner that mainly consists of a sausage in a bun. Wondered if the kids have actually eaten anything other than ketchup.
  7. Accidentally purchased some solar fairy lights / a bubble machine during your supermarket shop.
  8. Returned the crap fairy lights / bubble machine that have already broken 24 hours later.
  9. Shaved your legs for the first time in ages and pondered how you seriously need to do something with those knees. Moisturised like mad and concluded it’s too little too late. Wished you had started a daily ritual in January.
  10. Wondered if last years sun cream is still going to work, and used it anyway (better than nothing, right?).
  11. Added ice creams to your shopping list.
  12. Praised the lighter evenings, and then cursed them when the kids WILL NOT go to sleep.
  13. Enjoyed a fruit cider with ice during the day, or even better, a Pimms and Lemonade with all the trimmings.
  14. Eaten al fresco, and seriously appreciated the benefits to your kitchen floor cleanliness.
  15. Felt a teeny bit jealous of friends chilling in the sunshine who do not have to get up every ten seconds to tend to a toddler injury, fight, precarious position etc etc.
  16. Attempted a play date in the garden, with an offering of every garden toy you can find – only to find the kids want to be indoors.
  17. Add tidying up the garden toys to your end of day chores list.
  18. Uttered the words ‘Ooooh isn’t it hot’.
  19. Promised yourself this is the year you will be all about safety in the sun…and then get a little bit sun burnt.
  20. Rocked the shades. Lost the shades. Found the shades again, phew.


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