#HaveKidsWillTravel Our big fat Greek Holiday 2018

I guess the title of this post is a little misleading. In all honesty, since having kids, foreign travel has become a bit scary and we have been reluctant to throw ourselves into a ‘the world is our oyster’ type approach, opting for more of a caravan holiday / British coastline travel style during the summer months.

That said, we have summer holidayed outside the U.K twice since becoming parents ( I know brave right) to Mainland Spain and Majorca since having the girls. Hardly the middle East or Australia but it was a pretty huge deal to us all the same. One was a babymoon (with toddler – last holiday running after only one kiddo) and one was a ‘last chance saloon’ before starting school vaycay. In all honesty we kind of fell into a one year off, one year on type approach (ish) plus with other commitments and me at home, we have been happy to accept foreign travel won’t be an every summer type affair.


This year we had been planning an autumn trip to Center Parcs with friends to celebrate a big birthday – three families, school holidays and before you can say ‘You could go abroad for that!” we had all agreed, we should definitely go abroad.

And so, several google searches later, a party of twelve was booked up and the G unit will be muddling through a trip to Greece this summer.

The thing with Greece….

Now Greece has always been my ABSOLUTE favourite european destination. maybe it’s the food, the people, the beaches…probably all of those things, and now the girls are 3 and 6 the slightly longer flight seems a bit more doable.

Of course Greece is mega HOT. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me “You’ll be fine as long as you aren’t going in August”. Errrrr…..

But it’s fine when you have a pool right?! And a hat?! And these kids are blood relatives of mine and will no doubt be able to tolerate extreme temperatures due to our mediterranean bloodline? (Let’s not mention Dad Muddling Through’s blue eyes and blonde hair).

Term time holidays

This holiday is our first experience of a summer holiday term time trip. Granted, plenty of people I know have taken kids out of school for travel, but in all honesty, I just don’t think I have it in me to do it? We are far from rolling in it, and price was definitely on the list of things to consider and rule out some locations, and yes we probably paid more due to it being the peak of the peaky peak peak. But I guess I’m just not much of a rule breaker about things like this. Thoughts?

Nobody panic

Despite having booked almost six months ago, the trip seems to have come around crazy quickly. Aside from a new beach towel for each of the kids I’m trying really hard to not go nuts buying all of the stuff for a week away. Between us we must have plenty of clothes, swim gear, summer clobber to last us seven days and I’m channelling all of the ‘what we need, not what we want‘ vibes. I’ve vetoed any trips to primark, after all, new carpets don’t grow on trees.

Packing wisely

After the whole Disney Trunki disaster, we’ll definitely be packing lightly, spreading everyone’s clothes over two huge cases, leaving the kids hands free. We learnt the hard way that they aren’t going to be interested in carrying anything, and the buggy is already a done deal.

Despite my intentions to pack eighteen swimsuits, I’ll be keeping it real with just a few. I won’t go mad on toiletries, or evening wear and we will pack the amazing bags of wonder for the girls – an amazing tip from my friend new Mummy Blog saved the day last holiday abroad! A small clear zip bag each packed with tiny tat toys to unzip and rummage through on the plane, in the restaurant, in the room, at the evening entertainment. The golden tip of travel forever more!

The magic

Ultimately this trip is all about being together – celebrating friendship that spans two decades and two generations. Having some adult company besides each other and seeing the kids splash and play with some of their besties for a whole week in the sunshine.

And of course, ALL of the greek salad.

I literally cannot wait.




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