Guest Post: Why kids should science more (Infographic)

As a little girl I wanted to be a vet. Well actually, initially I wanted to be a ‘servant to the King’ or a ‘farmer’s wife’, but thankfully some kind of feminism kicked in past age 5 in which I saw possibilities of my own making. The vet thing wasn’t to be – turns out you need to be crazy brainy, do hours of work experience and be willing to go to Uni or what seems like forever when you’re 18. I kind of fell into a career in Science, having done A level Biology and Chemistry (and Maths) in order to follow the unrealistic vet dream, I secured a lab based role at a large healthcare company locally. There, I was able to be sponsored to complete my Biology degree on day release and the rest is history. I did however always love Science. I didn’t always realise it, but the magic in our everyday surroundings always captivated me, and I’m one of the lucky ones who got to build a career doing what I love.

I’m sharing this guest post because the message resonated with me – I love teaching my kids crazy long technical words, and explaining the hows, whats and whys of the everyday things around them. The rain, the flowers, the stars, the rainbows, even the gravity that’s keeping us on the floor. So, even on a career break, I’ll always be a scientist to the core and I think we should all be teaching our kids to question, to see and to be amazed. What’s not to love about that.


8 Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]

The way that children learn and scientific method have a lot more in common than you might think; starting with a simple idea children are able to try and prove or disprove an idea, learn from the outcome and improve their knowledge, much like the fundamental process that scientific research follows.

Science helps children to answer questions about the world they live in by showing them how to think critically and teaching them the resilience to keep on questioning. Ultimately science doesn’t just teach kids about science, it teaches them about life and how to think independently for their entire lives.


And getting children interested in science is easier than you might think:



So without further introduction here are 8 great reasons why children should science more, created by psychology and science website, psysci:

Infographic on why kids should science more


Disclaimer: This is a guest post which I received no compensation for. I just loved it because I’m a bit of a science nerd, and old habits die hard.

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