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Chloe over at  Life unexpected inspired me this morning to think about this, or more to the point, share this post.

I started blogging in June, to give me a hobby, to learn something new, and to stretch my brain past the endless list of household chores, now I’ve been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I love my two girls and all the crazy Shits (literally) and giggles they bring, but I wanted my ‘working week’ to have another dimension too.

So far I’ve learnt so much, and so quickly fallen a little bit in love with the world of blogging. I’ve learnt through other people’s blogs how to do some fun things, buy some beautiful things, understand some great things. There are some hilarious blogs out there! Some enchanting blogs, stunning blogs and a few kinda weird blogs. I’ve done a lot of reading (more than writing), which was unexpected.

I have been overwhelmed by how nice all the parenting blogger community are. If you bare your soul, they’ll be right there offering you virtual hugs and words of support.

So what’s next for the blog? There are definitely places I’d like to take it next. Particularly after September when my eldest starts nursery 5 days a week and I might get a baby nap ‘time to myself’ each morning? Ha ha, that’s just jinxed that plan eh?!

1. Sort out the navigation on my blog – I’ve seen some with labels in a sidebar widget that show you in a glance all the blog subjects. I really like this and think it would be something I’d like to try and do on mine.

2. Add my grab badge to the blog. I read a blogpost over at Days in bed on how to do this and it’s been on my ‘blog to do list’ for a while.

3. Set up a Linky. I have a fab idea and pinky ame in my head! Need to look into what’s involved, sort out a badge using guidance in point 2! My biggest worry is whether I have time, but I think I’m going to try and go for it to take my blog to the next level.

4. Look into going self hosted. I’m already on WordPress but I’d like to find out more about being self hosted as I keep hearing about it and want to find out more about the benefits it brings.

5. Do some reviews. I’ll be honest, the idea of a little something back sounds lovely! I have had one offer which I nearly jumped at, but on reflection decided maybe it’s important to honour what my blog is about and only stick to my values… Not just freeload. I don’t know much about being PR friendly or sponsored reviews… Do people get paid? Do you have any advice?

6. Find out more about editorial calendars. Aby over at You baby me mummy swears by this as the best blogging tip, but what’s it all about? Finding out is definitely on my to do list.

7. Work through my list of blog post ideas. I have more blog post ideas than time! But guess that’s a better place to be than writers block?

8. Attend a conference. It’d be wonderful to think I’d still be blogging next year, and quite fancy a day out to hopefully meet some of the blogging community, learn more about where to take the blog.

9. Get better at Twitter. As you know  I don’t do Facebook but I’d like to optimise how I share my blogposts to my followers? Sometimes my tweets show an exert and featured image, by accident! I’m not sure how to do that?! Sometimes they just contain a short link which doesn’t look so enticing. If anyone can help with that please do!

10. Get better at some of the blogging tool sites. Klout (I can’t seem to get past the login). Bloglovin. Pinterest. I’ve also joined some communities, mumsnet, britmums. No idea what I’m doing on there at the moment so another avenue to explore.

That’s probably enough to keep me busy?


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