B-logging on…The New Yeary post

Woah, That went quick didn’t it?

All the preparation, the build up, the endless Christmassy events, blog posts, adverts, shopping, wrapping…and then…it’s all over. It was, of course, fabulous, magical, overindulgent, hectic. Everything we expected it to be and more. As much as it’s sad, my waistline, as well as my need for a little normality and my house back, is breathing a small sigh of relief.

NYE also came and went with a ‘mumsy’ kind of bang…a Lamb Buhna, a couple of beers, a desperate (successful) attempt to stay up till midnight and be tucked up in bed before the twelth gong. So here we are, in a brand new year, filled with hopes and aspirations and wondering what the hell life will throw at us with this one.

So, this year, my post christmas return to work fear is replaced with the no return to work fear. Or, more specifically, the husband is returning to work after a lovely fortnight off and leaving me flying solo again fear. But, much like the former type, it’s never as bad as we think it’s going to be.

I’m sure loads of people will be busy having a moan about what a load of fuss, New Years Day is just another day, Resolutions never get kept blah blah blah. But, I think there’s something a bit lovely about stopping to take stock of how far you have come in the last year, and of course, think about where you want to head next.

2015 was a pretty nuts year. Life as a Mum of two took an unexpected twist. Who’d have thought the year would have ended not with me returning to work after my maternity leave, but with me being an unemployed, stay at home Mum, blogging my way through the day to day shits and giggles with a bunch of strangers on the internet. I didn’t see that one coming. As shocked as I was initially, losing my job wasn’t the disaster I imagined it would be.

In other news, we watched half our home be demolished then gloriously rebuilt. Learning a few valuable life lessons along the way. How unconciously incompetent I was about all things construction pre-2015.

And, possibly the biggest achievement of all, we survived 12 months without a single whole nights sleep. (In case you’re wondering, we seem to have finally cracked that one *weeps with happiness*).

So bring it on 2016.

My ‘New Years Resolutions’ list goes something like this…

Start Running again – for a healthy heart, not just to be thin. You may recall me promising to do this some 6 months ago? An epic fail to remove my butt from the sofa…until now!

Get photo savvy – sort out a proper baby album for Dangermouse, do a 2015 album, and print monthly from my phone. While I’m at it, dust off my SLR and stop lusting after other peoples photo skills…and try to create my own.
Execute a bit of ‘mindfulness’ – I’m reading THAT book, and so far, I think I could gain a lot from chilling out on how we are getting from A to B, and enjoying the scenery along the way.
Read more. Not just blogs. Broaden my interests, outside of parenting websites.

Ultimately, this year is a year of opportunity. No longer on maternity leave. No longer tied to a job I would probably never leave. The world is, as they say, my Oyster.

And the blog? Well, I did miss you a little over Christmas, but also I loved the break, so expect a few more in 2016. But, ultimately, for now, I’m sticking with it.

Happy New Year #CoolMumClub


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12 thoughts on “B-logging on…The New Yeary post

  1. Mim Reply

    Happy New Year lovely!! What a year 2015 was for you – can’t wait to see what your blogging brings this year 🙂 x x

    1. MMT Reply

      Thank you Mim… I’ll be following your story too of course and look forward to hearing some good news on your treatment. You’re going to kick ass in 2016 X X X

  2. 2teens1preteen Reply

    Oh but what an exciting venture – I am too envious! Good luck with it all … and the running of course!

    1. MMT Reply

      Definitely trying to face the year ahead with positivity! Will it last?! 🙂

  3. agentspitback Reply

    Happy New Year to you too Sarah! Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting year ahead for you! Reading is such food for the soul. I love reading, it always relaxes me. Looking forward to following you on your next chapter!

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks pickle! X

  4. Mum in Brum Reply

    Happy New Year lovely! I did intend to write my New year-y post but didn’t get around to it! #rubbishblogger. I’ll look forward to following your running journey – my new resolutions are devoid of all exercise this year as I never ever stick to it…but I really do need to ‘get back on it’, as they say. So glad you’ve cracked sleeping through now! I’m not sure I could’ve coped with that for 12 months. Wishing you a fabulous 2016 xx #MarvMondays

    1. MMT Reply

      Thanks Nat… I’m still aching from Saturday’s run lol!

  5. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) Reply

    2015 does sound full of ups and downs – but here’s to 2016 being fab through and through! 🙂 #MarvMondays

    1. MMT Reply

      Cheers m’dear x

  6. Laura's Lovely Blog Reply

    Your daughter is now sleeping through the night?! I am officially no longer speaking to you *weeps* at 19 months Aria still will not give up that last night feed. I bet that is a fantastic relief though. I enjoyed a bit of a blogging break too, although I didn’t take as big a one as you but just family time was so special and lovely. good luck with your 2016 goals 🙂

  7. My Petit Canard Reply

    Fab post! I’m not one for resolutions, but I do love a bit of reflection and looking forwards into the new year. So exciting (and im sure daunting) that you wont be going back to work this year, such a fantastic opportunity. Enjoy and have fun! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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