An open letter to my youngest child – Blogging 101 homework

Hello little one, 

I know what you’re thinking, and I want a chance to explain. 

Yes, your sister does have 12 photo albums on the shelf, and you have none. I promise, I will sort out your pictures and do yours soon. Maybe I’ll do a few less this time if that’s ok? For space saving of course. 

I will fill in your baby book, I’m sure I know what I will write, I just need to sit down and concentrate sometime soon. 

Maybe after I’ve arranged your christening. Your sister was christened by your age but we have had such a lot on lately, it just hasn’t been the right time. 

And, you know new clothes aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Such a flash in the pan as we found out first time around. 

You’re lucky we don’t worry about you messing up your pram, high chair, toys, car seat, because they’re already not shiny. Aren’t you lucky! 

We haven’t really been to any baby groups have we? But you do have lots of friends…ok, they’re the siblings of your sisters friends. 

I’m sorry when it’s just me and you I too often think of it as time to get stuff done, as your live wire sister isn’t around disturbing the peace. I promise tomorrow will be different.

You see Mummy doesn’t have the same time she did before, so things are a little hectic. You ironically suffer your sister demanding all the attention, whilst getting it all at the same time.

But you are so special. You were our sunshine on a rainy day. You made us so happy once upon a time when we were so sad. For that reason you are always going to be so precious.

When you needed feeding all night for all those months, I treasured the snuggles in the dark just us, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Soon, we’ll get a bit more time, just us, and I swear I’ll make it up to you.

It’s hard being the little sister, but You’re doing amazing. Thank you xx

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