All Change, All Change

When I started writing the blog back in June last year, my About Me page descried myself as a mother of a toddler and a baby.

With Dangermouse being so tiny, it’s been easy to cling on to the baby stage that extra bit longer than we did with Tigs, especially as she is maybe definitely probably our last baby.

So now, just seven months or so later, I have come to realise that I am no longer the mother of a baby and a toddler; I am the mother of a [different] toddler and a child.

Tigs has certainly moved on from the toddle phase, whizzed (or should that be scooted) through the threenager phase and as she approaches her fourth birthday, we have to conclude that she is now a proper little girl. As a parent, I thought I was supposed to be doing the teaching, but apparently, these small people can teach us parents something new every day.

Dangermouse, now rapidly mobile in a bipedal fashion, starting to tell us exactly what she wants with “No”s, “That”s and nods of the head, can no longer squeeze into the baby category. I think our days of lying at soft play entrance tills that she’s 11.5 months might even be numbered too. Not sure when the 6-9 months tights will fit her though…

This year, Tigs will start school. Dangermouse will turn two and celebrate her third Christmas. We will be packing away each bit of baby paraphernalia away, and discovering new chapters of childhood. The big question is…ebay or loft?

The message of this post is simple.

It’s a wake up call that with parenting, everything truly is a phase; and a bloody fast one at that.



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