3 Ways You Can Keep Your Wedding Covid-Safe

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Covid-19 still doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. The UK has recently lifted its restrictions regarding venues, pubs and restaurants. Still, the Delta Variant is working its way through the nation. Many feel that the rules have been lifted too early, and some top doctors are adamant that the UK will see another wave of Covid infections soon.

Pandemic or not, lifted restrictions now means that family events and occasions such as weddings can go ahead. But you shouldn’t just take the freedom and run with it. Although regulations have been lifted, there is still a risk of infection from mutations and those who haven’t been fully vaccinated.
Therefore, you should still plan for Covid safety by limiting the number of guests from high Covid nations. You could ask people to follow social distancing rules wherever this is possible and plan out your wedding venue. Hence, there is little contact between guests.

Limit Guests from Other Countries

Sadly, not all countries have been able to implement a vaccine program or care for patients as well as the UK, the United States and Israel. While these three countries have some of the best declines in cases, others are seeing increasing rates. It might be a good idea to not invite guests from countries with rising or high infection rates, as heartbreaking as it is.

Additionally, should you invite guests from these nations, they may have trouble getting into the country. As such, your partner may also be at risk. Certain factors can affect a UK spouse Visa application status, such as financial requirements and the pandemic has caused a delay in processing documentation.

Politely Request Social Distancing Where Possible

Even though restrictions have been lifted, the pandemic is far from over. There are still many infected people out there. This is because herd immunity still hasn’t been reached, as the number of vaccinated people for this to happen still hasn’t been reached. There is also the Delta Variant to contend with and the possibility of vaccine resistant mutations in the future.
Therefore, you must remain cautious and practice social distancing when in public. This includes the 2-metre rule, mask-wearing and avoiding gatherings. For example, you could politely ask that people not gather at the bar for your wedding and only dance with people in their bubble. Further, you could ask that guests wear their masks when not at their table.

Plan the Venue Around Minimal Contact

Although you can request that your guests practice social distance measures, there is a strong possibility that they will not, especially when drinking alcohol. So, you could help by planning your reception around safety for everyone. There is also the possibility that the wedding venue itself will ask you to enforce social distancing rules.
First, you could decrease the usual number of guests per table and invite fewer guests. This might not be a bad thing as it could make the wedding seem more intimate. Second, you could space out the tables as far as possible so that there’s minimal chance of cross-contamination of bubbles. Finally, it might be necessary to use disposable or one-use items such as cutlery, glasses and cups.

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