100 days of lockdown…what I’m REALLY missing

Can you remember when it was inferred we may need to do three weeks in lockdown, and how alien that seemed. How impossible and frightening? Yet here we are, just passed 100 days in a socially distanced, non contact, mask wearing, brave new world.

And despite being on the brink of the next relaxation of restrictions phase, life still has a long way to go to feel anything like normal.

Yet there have undoubtedly been positives, many positives. Plenty of features of life PC (Pre covid) that have been strangely gladly packed away for a while. The crazy busy schedule, the rat race, the screaming at the kids to put on their shoes and get in the car and definitely the endless kids birthday parties which have dominated our social calendar for the most part of the last decade. (Sorry kids).

But we haven’t exactly relished life in lockdown either, this time has been tough on us just as it has many other families, parents, kids, people for all sorts of reasons. We hugely appreciate being safe and healthy, of course we do, but three months of working from home and home schooling has well and truly lost it’s novelty. I don’t know how I can expect the kids to muster up the energy to be enthused about it, when I really can’t face looking at it either.

So what have been the things we have missed most?


Will I ever get used to not hugging the people I love as I say hello and goodbye? My friends and family and anyone who frankly stands still long enough…



In fairness, eating out in general, but particularly my favourite peri peri chicken house. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree and thanks to Tigs birthday dinner choice, we had our last one just before lockdown, but I can’t wait to get back!



Not specifically the food, but the whole experience. Sitting in a tea room, with my girlfriends, debriefing the week whilst drinking endless tea from a beautiful pot. Typically with some kind of avocado on toast type munch.


The Office

We have been so lucky to access the tech to keep us working remotely throughout lockdown – given the school closures it would have been really stressful to have managed otherwise. But boy, when I went back to work in 2019 to ‘get me out of the house’ this didn’t quite feature in the plan. I miss my desk, my plants, the stationary cupboard, my work wardrobe, the tea room, my colleagues and the ability to be ‘work Sarah’ independently from ‘Mummy’.


School Run Mums

Well I never thought I would hear the words, but I miss the school run. Not the chaos, or the rain, or the rushing or the tantrums. But I do miss the unplanned circumstantial chit chats on the way with the lovely Mum’s I’ve come to think of as friends over the last four years.



I don’t hate my kids. I’m glad I had them. I really DON’T expect anyone else to take responsibility for them. But boy do I miss the opportunity to hand them over to someone else for just a couple of hours in order to think / breathe / be. Ideally not in a tag team style situation with Dad Muddling Through. And to dodge bedtime, just for one night every now and again…Date nights, we miss you.


Interesting conversation

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been amazing being able to see friends and family over the last few weeks from a socially distanced guideline appropriate position. But aside from the few very special friends with whom you can chat shite all day long, for the most part, what is there to talk about? Apart from the unavoidable, inevitable staple conversation of 2020 which is just as groundhog day as lockdown life itself.


I’m sure we will all have been moulded a little by the experiences of 2020, but there are some things that I just can’t wait to get back to normal, and they come with a side portion of peri peri fries.


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