10 things I’ve learnt about blogging… 4 weeks in.

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks since I stepped into the unknown. Here’s a few conclusions about blogging so far.

      1. There’s a whole load of other people doing the same thing. Like, a gerzillion. I’m quite taken aback that there is enough mum bloggers to populate a small country. (Imagine that. Or more specifically the amount of wine chocolate and band width required to keep us all going). I feel enlightened to a whole new world of information, friendship, oh and time wasting!
      2. The sky’s the limit in terms of potential…But the competition is tough (refer to point 1). There are some hugely successful parenting bloggers, who had to have started somewhere, but we can’t all achieve their success can we? I’m watching and learning!
      3. Blogging’s not all about blogging; it’s about reading other people’s blogs and showing appreciation by commenting, liking, retweeting etc. I’ve read some beautiful blogs, and some pretty wet blogs. Blogs that moved me; Blogs that bored me. Blogs I connected with; blogs which confused the hell out of me. I’ve followed, unfollowed, subscribed, retweeted, liked, commented and favourited my way through this month and have learnt a heap from other people’s blogs along the way.
      4. Bloggers are marketeers; of their own product, via social media. Until recently I’d turned my back on the world of faceache and the drivel on my news feed. However, I quickly realised that no ones going to read my blog if they don’t know where it is, who I am, or what I’m about. It’s been a fresh new start knowing my tweets are directed to a like minded audience, and I won’t be judged by my lifelong connections for tweeting a ‘dull mumism’ as I know my audience is right there with me.
      5. The heat is on. Blogging is intense, or it has been so far. I’ve struggled to keep up with the technicalities of widgets, linkys, themes. I’m still feeling lost about bloggers teaming up promoting daily hashtags and using badges. I get the idea, but I’m still finding my feet as to how to add this stuff to my blog. I have learnt how to tweet short links thanks to some lovely bloggers who have given their time to teach me a new trick (thank you @lazyhousewife).
      6. What’s my USP? My blog needs to stand out, draw people in and get them coming back for more. A Blog that isn’t just boring other bored mums with stories of my boring day! I’ve given this some thought and I guess my parenting angle is ‘imperfect, edgy, professional, reluctant SAHM’. I realise my blog is coming across a little negative so I’ll be balancing it out with some positive blogs. After all, no one likes a misery guts! After all I am a happy mum who loves my girls. They just wear me out, that’s all!
      7. There are politics I need to master.  I discovered an auto reply app which directs new followers to my blog, but  I’m reading between the lines that this is not the done thing by the ‘master bloggers’. They take pride in personally messaging, tweeting a thank you to all new followers. I like this principle but I’m wondering if they have PAs?! That’s commitment I don’t seem to be able to squeeze in right now.
      8. Blogging could take over my life. I am naturally a committed person. When I go for something, I don’t stop till I achieve my goal. I have started a blogging 3 week tutorial course to help me find my feet, which has been great, but after that I think I need to slow down maybe blog 2-3 times a week and let this take its natural course. Also, realise I don’t need to check Twitter every ten minutes, and put time aside to have ‘screen free days’.
      9. I made a friend. I’ve made connections with fellow bloggers in other parts of the world, through sharing similar experiences. I’d never believe I’d have had conversations with strangers about my most sacred private thoughts but it’s happened. Blogging is a way to share, comfort, support each other and this is exactly what I had hoped I would achieve.
      10. Blog-life balance. For this to work, blogging needs to add value to my life, my children’s life, my husbands life. I’m dubious that if this is a sinker, it could be a wasteful distraction from engaging with what’s right in front of me…my beautiful family growing up before my eyes.

Night all,


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