10 things I’ve learnt about blogging… 4 weeks in.

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks since I stepped into the unknown. Here’s a few conclusions about blogging so far.

      1. There’s a whole load of other people doing the same thing. Like, a gerzillion. I’m quite taken aback that there is enough mum bloggers to populate a small country. (Imagine that. Or more specifically the amount of wine chocolate and band width required to keep us all going). I feel enlightened to a whole new world of information, friendship, oh and time wasting!
      2. The sky’s the limit in terms of potential…But the competition is tough (refer to point 1). There are some hugely successful parenting bloggers, who had to have started somewhere, but we can’t all achieve their success can we? I’m watching and learning!
      3. Blogging’s not all about blogging; it’s about reading other people’s blogs and showing appreciation by commenting, liking, retweeting etc. I’ve read some beautiful blogs, and some pretty wet blogs. Blogs that moved me; Blogs that bored me. Blogs I connected with; blogs which confused the hell out of me. I’ve followed, unfollowed, subscribed, retweeted, liked, commented and favourited my way through this month and have learnt a heap from other people’s blogs along the way.
      4. Bloggers are marketeers; of their own product, via social media. Until recently I’d turned my back on the world of faceache and the drivel on my news feed. However, I quickly realised that no ones going to read my blog if they don’t know where it is, who I am, or what I’m about. It’s been a fresh new start knowing my tweets are directed to a like minded audience, and I won’t be judged by my lifelong connections for tweeting a ‘dull mumism’ as I know my audience is right there with me.
      5. The heat is on. Blogging is intense, or it has been so far. I’ve struggled to keep up with the technicalities of widgets, linkys, themes. I’m still feeling lost about bloggers teaming up promoting daily hashtags and using badges. I get the idea, but I’m still finding my feet as to how to add this stuff to my blog. I have learnt how to tweet short links thanks to some lovely bloggers who have given their time to teach me a new trick (thank you @lazyhousewife).
      6. What’s my USP? My blog needs to stand out, draw people in and get them coming back for more. A Blog that isn’t just boring other bored mums with stories of my boring day! I’ve given this some thought and I guess my parenting angle is ‘imperfect, edgy, professional, reluctant SAHM’. I realise my blog is coming across a little negative so I’ll be balancing it out with some positive blogs. After all, no one likes a misery guts! After all I am a happy mum who loves my girls. They just wear me out, that’s all!
      7. There are politics I need to master.  I discovered an auto reply app which directs new followers to my blog, but  I’m reading between the lines that this is not the done thing by the ‘master bloggers’. They take pride in personally messaging, tweeting a thank you to all new followers. I like this principle but I’m wondering if they have PAs?! That’s commitment I don’t seem to be able to squeeze in right now.
      8. Blogging could take over my life. I am naturally a committed person. When I go for something, I don’t stop till I achieve my goal. I have started a blogging 3 week tutorial course to help me find my feet, which has been great, but after that I think I need to slow down maybe blog 2-3 times a week and let this take its natural course. Also, realise I don’t need to check Twitter every ten minutes, and put time aside to have ‘screen free days’.
      9. I made a friend. I’ve made connections with fellow bloggers in other parts of the world, through sharing similar experiences. I’d never believe I’d have had conversations with strangers about my most sacred private thoughts but it’s happened. Blogging is a way to share, comfort, support each other and this is exactly what I had hoped I would achieve.
      10. Blog-life balance. For this to work, blogging needs to add value to my life, my children’s life, my husbands life. I’m dubious that if this is a sinker, it could be a wasteful distraction from engaging with what’s right in front of me…my beautiful family growing up before my eyes.

Night all,


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19 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learnt about blogging… 4 weeks in.

  1. TheLazyHousewifeUK Reply

    Loved this post… As for point No 7… I personally find auto reply’s to follows quite irritating, but understand that more successful bloggers get so many new followers that they don’t have time to tweet each new follower. For me, I try to send 1 or 2 tweets a day (depending on how successful the days followers have been). I usually use an opportunity like when I am on the loo or in bed, and try to include a minimum of about 5 new followers in each thank you tweet. It works well as it introduces followers to each other and lots of people retweet which gets you out there even more.

  2. Louise Reply

    Great post and so true that blogging can take over your life very easily if you let it – I’ve had to make a conscious decision to take a step back and make sure I have screen-free time concentrating on my family. I have to admit that I’m not very good at tweeting new followers. So lovely to have discovered your blog and thank you again for sharing your story with me – one of the things I love about the blogging community is the feeling of making friends online through shared stories and experiences. Looking forward to reading more of your blog in the future x

  3. Laura's Lovely Blog Reply

    That pretty much sums it up! It’s such a big thing and there are lots of bloggers and it really can take over your life. But there is you want it and prepared to work for it there is lots of potential some of the bigger bloggers have phenomenal opportunities x

  4. Rachel Cox Reply

    As a new blogger not quite 1 week in, I really enjoyed reading this. I can’t believe you have almost 500 followers in just a month. That’s amazing. I am bamboozled by linky’s, widget’s and the like. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

    1. mummuddlingthrough Reply

      Thanks Rachel. The art is in the writing, and you certainly have that gift. Your experiences will connect you with other people who will respect your honesty and sincerity, like I did. The other bits have been a headache to be truthful! But it’s good to be learning something new, and using my brain in a creative outlet. Get out in the community, read and comment, that’ll get your blog out there. The blogging101 course has really helped me out too. It’s all a bit intense though, I’m looking forward to stepping back a bit and thinking more about my content. I’ll be watching out for you, all the best x MMT

  5. min1980 Reply

    I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008 and have had 3 different blogs in that time, so you’d think I’d be a master at this game, but I have literally only just started to promote and join the community of parenting bloggers. I’ve had my current blog since 2013 but kept it private for a long time, and since starting to promote it I’ve been literally overwhelmed with how much time and effort it takes to do all the social media stuff, so I’m pretty much in the same boat as you and very much a beginner. Best of luck and I will keep reading!

  6. Parent inPJs Reply

    Approaching my fourth week too! Great idea for a post, and lovely to see how far you’ve come. Deserved. #mumlove xx

  7. rentedmagnoliatomine Reply

    Lovely insite for a Newby!! Xxxx

  8. imatwinmama Reply

    Thank you for vocalising pretty much everything I’ve felt since I started blogging! From the comments, I think your observations have really connected with people!

    *gives high five*

    Keep going mama!

  9. secretmumlife Reply

    Firstly that’s a fab blanket – love! And your trousers – LOVE even more! Great blog post. I’m a newbie and your first two points are exactly what I’m thinking!! Overwhelmed by the volume of all of us – crazy. Excited to get stuck in and get to know everyone though. I look forward to reading more! x

    1. MMT Reply

      Ha ha, Thank you xx It’s an old-ish post now…I’m actually coming up to about 9 months in now! Where did that go? Learnt so much, and found my feet a little. Always so much more to learn though x

  10. A mum track mind Reply

    I’m just coming up to 4 weeks on my blog too. It’s so true that it can be overwhelming and once you’ve cracked one thing, another one pops up that you’ve never heard of. I worry about putting such personal information out there a bit, have you ever had any negative experiences from doing so? I’ve just noticed that this is an older post – how’s it going now? Xx

    1. MMT Reply

      No negative experiences yet but I am very selective on the info I share, and who knows about the blog. I don’t shout about it, at all!

      There is always more and more to learn, especially about knowing where your own boundaries lie, as well as all the techy stuff. You’ll get there! xx

      1. Emma - meandbmaketea Reply

        AMTM/MTM – I worried too re personal stuff and for a bit put zero pics of me and my boy. and then realised people want that, so I’ve tried to be personable. in hindsight I wish id kept the blog more private regarding family, friends and colleagues. I now have a second blog documenting some of the stuff I don’t want so well known amongst people who know its “me” – does that make sense? im finding two blogs hard going though and wish I could just combine them :/
        good luck ladies and nice to virtually meet you 🙂 xx

  11. mysleepingbub Reply

    I love this post!! This is me at the minute! New to blogging and trying to wade through all the linkies, widgets and hash tags! A 3 week course in blogging sounds like a good idea!

  12. Daile Reply

    Great post. I actually just made my blog public today. Its a work in progress but I’m really excited about the possibilities.

  13. utterlyferal Reply

    Couldn’t agree more with this! We are not solely mummy bloggers, but ‘A bit of everything’ bloggers. Travel, parenthood and anything in between. We’re just getting to grips with it all, and we can’t believe the competition. Some great writers out there! Your blog is great X

    1. MMT Reply

      Thank you so much! That means a lot x

  14. Emma (@MeBeeandBo) Reply

    This is a brilliant post and it’s always nice to read what others have learnt about blogging. I have been going a few years now (granted, with gaps inbetween) and I am still learning every day! Looking forward to following you more as the blog progresses! x

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