Rise of the Mum Boss

Every now and again, life has a tendency to make you stop and smell the flowers. The inspiration for this blog post is in the friends all around me who are literally blooming and inspiring me to grab life by the balls and go for it.

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What’s really hardest? Working Mum or Stay At Home Mum?

I realise a title like this is one that evokes strong emotions amongst the lioness mothers for good reasons, so I’m just going to wade right on in and give up my two pence worth up front. They’re both bloody hard. The hardest thing is to realise that, and not get drawn into judgement of the marvellous women on the other camp.

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Holiday childcare…the juggle is real


When the girls were little I naively believed that childcare struggles would drift into oblivion as they reached the nirvana state of free childcare; School.

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Guest post: 4 Family-Work balance tips for ambitious mompreneurs

Nowadays, the workforce is overrun by tough, persistent and hard-working mothers determined to provide for their families. It seems as being a working mom is one of the most difficult, if not impossible lifestyles a strong woman might choose for herself and her family. Whether it is dealing with the crippling feeling of succeeding at work, failing at home or wishing you had more time to spend with your children, it is certain that mom entrepreneurs deserve much more appreciation.

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Jobs for the Mums…

One of the perks of being made redundant, is the opportunity to broaden your horizons, to explore new career options and to re-evaluate the shape of your future. Having made the transition from career woman to mother, the timing couldn’t have been better to take time out with the kiddos whilst considering an alternative career path.

Having this time to focus on my family is my current priority, but it’s always there in the background – the burning question…what do I want to do next? more “Jobs for the Mums…”

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Being memorable 

As part of the ‘holding our hands through redundancy’, my current (not for much longer) employer has been pretty amazing in all the courses and training they’ve offered. It’s meant that although on maternity leave I’ve used up all my KIT days going in to listen to presentations on shares, pensions, see financial advisors, solicitors, HR representatives….etc etc

Back in the spring, I did a little visit back in to work for a workshop on CV writing and interview skills. It was very much needed, having not looked for a job in 14 years. The CV writing tips were put to good use, and I knocked up a little beauty all ready for the job fair thrown in July.
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The Job Fairy; To work or not to work. That is the question

This week saw two mini-breaks from my maternity leave bubble into work; for a family day and a job fair. I’ve now navigated through 9 KIT days and have kept number 10 in the back pocket. All getting a little bit real now that I’m counting down to the date I terminate my contract. Each time I go in I find myself not wanting to leave, almost holding onto the swivel chair and open plan office for those few last moments bantering with the gang. Don’t get me wrong, the place drove me crazy for most of the time but it’s a security blanket, I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to.
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