WAHM: Having it all or Doing it all?

For almost three years now I have been spending my weekdays rocking the ‘at home’ life. Whatever you prefer to call it…unemployed, stay at home Mum, in between jobs, ‘taking time off my career whilst the kids are little’, and dodging horrendous childcare costs etcetera etcetera. more “WAHM: Having it all or Doing it all?”

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Thinking of going back to work? Two things to make stay at home Mums more employable

Leaving full time employment to become a stay at home mum can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. But, it can also be one of the most challenging. Apart from being able to spend all your time with your precious bundles of joy, you life can feel somewhat lacking as you leave behind the part of your brain that used to be stretched in a work environment. more “Thinking of going back to work? Two things to make stay at home Mums more employable”

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Earning money as a Mum in 2017

Earning money as a busy Mum can be incredibly hard. There are not many jobs out there that you can juggle with school hours, and it doesn’t matter if you are a one or two parent family, it can still be a struggle getting it all in. more “Earning money as a Mum in 2017”

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5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum

Whether you are a single mum or married with children, one of the hardest things to do is reconcile work with your responsibilities as a parent. It is hard to juggle everything, but Mums have an innate ability to adapt and once they have taken the appropriate steps, they can’t be stopped. Fortunately, thanks to the internet and the great variety of job sites, one can find jobs more easily and many also offer work-at-home or part-time positions that allow parents the freedom to spend more time with the kids. more “5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum”

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#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog

In January 2017 I applied for a part time job. It was in a totally different sector to my previous career, the money was hideous, and I would have needed to pay childcare fees for my two children to accommodate the hours. more “#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog”

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Jobs for the Mums…

One of the perks of being made redundant, is the opportunity to broaden your horizons, to explore new career options and to re-evaluate the shape of your future. Having made the transition from career woman to mother, the timing couldn’t have been better to take time out with the kiddos whilst considering an alternative career path.

Having this time to focus on my family is my current priority, but it’s always there in the background – the burning question…what do I want to do next? more “Jobs for the Mums…”

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Being memorable 

As part of the ‘holding our hands through redundancy’, my current (not for much longer) employer has been pretty amazing in all the courses and training they’ve offered. It’s meant that although on maternity leave I’ve used up all my KIT days going in to listen to presentations on shares, pensions, see financial advisors, solicitors, HR representatives….etc etc

Back in the spring, I did a little visit back in to work for a workshop on CV writing and interview skills. It was very much needed, having not looked for a job in 14 years. The CV writing tips were put to good use, and I knocked up a little beauty all ready for the job fair thrown in July.
more “Being memorable “

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A nightmare called childcare

I can’t remember the exact time I started stressing over childcare issues, but it was probably shortly after the ‘stressing over wanting to be pregnant’ stage.

For a brand new mum, there is little more daunting than the prospect of leaving your child. Be it to return to work, for a much needed break or in an emergency situation.

Over the 3.5 years of parenting so far, we seem to have navigated through several different types of childcare. Poor T-G must feel dizzy on that roundabout of people taking care of her, although in hindsight, she’s probably a tougher little cookie for it. We also survived, so here’s some pros and cons of the different options we learnt along the way.
more “A nightmare called childcare”

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