Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls review

Over the years our girls have come to believe that we as a family are toy testers – with them of course having the chief role. We were recently asked to check out some Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls, to see how the girls enjoyed them, and lovers of all things Disney, we were more than happy to oblige. more “Minnie Mouse Fashion Dolls review”

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Trinkets and treasures; Disney Emoji review

I don’t know if it’s a little girl thing, but my two girls cannot get enough of small collectible trinkets. They have them stuffed in every drawer, bag, little box and pocket, and despite me thinking they are all just ‘stuff’, they seem to remember every single little knick knack as though it’s a piece of treasure. more “Trinkets and treasures; Disney Emoji review”

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Num Noms series 4 Toy REVIEW and #Giveaway

It would seem this summer we have been chief toy testers here at MMT HQ. This week we were invited to review the brand new series 4 Num Noms. I have to admit, I initially had absolutely no idea what a Num nom was, and the girls certainly didn’t. However after a quick google and investigation into exactly what these little toys are, I just knew the girls would love them. more “Num Noms series 4 Toy REVIEW and #Giveaway”

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What2Buy4Kids Toy Review: Old School Summer Survival

Ah, the summer holidays. Six blissful weeks of no school run, no after school clubs, no homework, no reading and nowhere to be.

True, but this also means six weeks of entertaining your children, for me, seven days a week, on a budget without losing your mind.  more “What2Buy4Kids Toy Review: Old School Summer Survival”

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#HideTheBags: Garden toys for the kids

As a ‘phase 2’ project to last years ‘Big Build‘, this spring we have focussed on getting the garden Summer ready. That meant decommissioning an unused garage, ripping up some awful patio, and creating a new area to play, and enjoy some outdoor living. Being on a budget, using a ‘find the bargain’ site like BargainBuysForBusyMums was a massive help to avoid paying full price on some outdoor toys for the kids. more “#HideTheBags: Garden toys for the kids”

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The toys are taking over

There is no escaping it. The toys. They are slowly taking over our house.

It seems no matter how much moving around, or ‘clearing out’ we do, the problem is growing. Probably compounded by our enormous extended family, addition of a second daughter, and two birthdays and Christmas in the last 5 months. more “The toys are taking over”

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