Shifu Orboot The Augmented Reality Globe Toy Review

When it comes to toys, I firmly believe that a globe is an absolute must have for every child at some point in their early life. After all, as they become more aware of their place in the world, and how each culture and country is placed in relation to them, what better way to understand and experience it in a hands on way. more “Shifu Orboot The Augmented Reality Globe Toy Review”

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The Mouses dream Horse with @PetplanEquine

You may recall a month or so ago, PetPlan made one little girls dreams come true when they created Tig’s dream pet; Nina the Snow Eagle.

Like any strong sibling rivalry, her little sister wanted in on the action. And, sure that she too could create her dream animal, she set to work on her dream pony, courtesy of Petplan Equine.

more “The Mouses dream Horse with @PetplanEquine”

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Getting our #Halloween Bake On with LaLaLoopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie – Large doll Review & #Giveaway

The combination of half term and Halloween is the perfect excuse to get the kids in the kitchen having some messy fun with flour and icing. This week, inspired by the LaLaLoopsy Character Crumbs Sugar Cookie, we set about ‘killing’ an hour or two creating some spooky bakes to offer our Halloween birthday girls guests. more “Getting our #Halloween Bake On with LaLaLoopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie – Large doll Review & #Giveaway”

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Fingerlings Fidget spinners and Fairy Doors.

Fidget spinners. Possibly one of the strangest obsessions of the current day. And most annoying.

I should have known better when we found a sparkly pink metallic fidget spinner alone on the floor on a recent day out. Having tried to locate its owner, it ended up in my pocket and by default back at our home. Where it proceeded to cause no end of arguments, tears and physical fights over whose fidget spinner it would become. more “Fingerlings Fidget spinners and Fairy Doors.”

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Wood and wonder: Toy review

There’s no denying blogging can bring you many things. A feeling of solidarity. A new skill. A hobby to be proud of. A sense of community.

Today, blogging brought me a moment of relief in the shape of two little wooden toys for my kids to try out. A parcel delivered at the precise moment I was wondering how on earth I was going to entertain them for the next 4.5 hours until Daddy gets home. more “Wood and wonder: Toy review”

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