Parenting through the good days and the bad

I recently read a post by Honest Mum on the tougher side of parenting, and it left me compelled to write my own version. I am all for the representation of every aspect of parenthood in the media, in order to allow both Men and Women to realise they are not alone if they are having a particularly shitty time of it.

That said, I am not anti the bloggers and writers who represent all that is wonderful about parenting – because that is there too..absolutely, it is. The magical bits that move you to tears, the precious moments you never want to forget…but in reality, lets face it they are sandwiched by the moments you are in tears, and wanting to forget. I don’t like to dwell on the doom and gloom, but my life, my blog, are a bit like my instagram feed; the fun, the beautiful, the heartfelt Is mixed up with a small sprinkling of reality. more “Parenting through the good days and the bad”

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