Jammie Dodgers Oaty bites; Snack Review and #Giveaway

In our home we have one vegetarian, and one fussy eater. Finding foods and snacks everyone enjoys can be a minefield, except, when it comes to one food group; on that we stand united, and that is the contents of the biscuit barrel. more “Jammie Dodgers Oaty bites; Snack Review and #Giveaway”

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Separation anxiety in a three year old

If I think about separation anxiety, what springs to mind is a baby of around 9 months old who has suddenly decided he only wants to be cuddled by Mummy. Or, perhaps a toddler of around 18 months who clings to your legs whilst you are trying to prepare her dinner, begging for a carry.  more “Separation anxiety in a three year old”

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“I want to do it myself Mummy”

“Three is definitely harder than two”. The words you really don’t want to hear when your ‘spirited’ child is approaching her third birthday and you’re counting down the days until the terrible twos are over. more ““I want to do it myself Mummy””

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Pre-school Immunisations: ‘A very naughty doctor’

The buzz topic of the moment amongst the  ‘Supermums’ (toddler group pals) is pre-school jabs.  Has yours had it? (yes). Did you have to book it? (yes). Did it hurt? (yes). When do they need it? (3 years 4 months).
more “Pre-school Immunisations: ‘A very naughty doctor’”

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Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school

Yep, just when you thought all the ‘starting school / pre school’ posts were done for another year, here’s a latecomer.

Our eldest, TG started her new pre school Wednesday last week. We were surprised it was so late in September so we had been counting down the days, to be honest. It’s  not because I’m a heartless mum who can’t stand being around her kids, but for a number of legitimate reasons…
more “Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school”

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Pink Protests

Nurture or Nature? The love of Pink that is. I’m pretty sure in our case it wasn’t nurture, so I guess it must be some female predisposition to the alluring shades of coral, fuschia, and, in particular, baby pink.

We didn’t know we were expecting a girl, so our nursery was decorated a very gender non specific cream, with a jungle mural. If anything, it was a little ‘boyish’, but that was fine with us. I’m not really a pink girl myself, so the nursery was never going to be pink, or come to think of it, blue either.
more “Pink Protests”

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Baby Directioner

Us parents, we love a baby party trick don’t we?

I think that’s how It started. Our first baby, at around 9 months learnt how to dance. But not to any music, just One Direction. Any other track would not do and she would throw an absolute paddy. At the time ‘Kiss you’ was in the singles charts and was being played on the radio constantly. We of course downloaded it so she could ‘perform’ on demand.
more “Baby Directioner”

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Toddler Hair Envy

Thanks Becky over at cuddle fairy  for inspiring me to crack on with this post that’s been burning a hole in my blog-pocket. Her post taught me yesterday I need to invest in a  Tangle Tamer. Heres why…

more “Toddler Hair Envy”

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