New term, new stationary – it’s the law! #Giveaway #FreebieFriday

*collaborative post

Whilst we are all busy saying goodbye to the 2018/2019 school year, let’s face it, us parents are probably already ahead of the game frantically scrawling out the shopping list for the new term, or for those totally winning, making a dent in it.

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#SmileWith Smiggle launches at Bluewater @Smiggle_

As a child I would have LOVED Smiggle. Stationery heaven and a colourful, scentiful blissful assault on the senses. It’s no wonder our girls are huge fans, as it’s been somewhat encouraged by my own love of the brand. Glitter and fur, rainbows, pinks and purples, cute animals and magical creatures, scented gear, pencil cases and water bottles… I want it all.  more “#SmileWith Smiggle launches at Bluewater @Smiggle_”

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