Guest post: Sleep tips for busy parents

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The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep a night for adults, but this number might seem like a distant fantasy for parents who have to juggle child care, work, and taking care of the household.

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Leesa Sleep Mattress Review, One year on

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It was exactly a year ago yesterday that I published a review post on our brand new king sized Leesa Sleep Mattress. The post did everything it should have in explaining the ordering and postal system, unpackaging process and first impressions of our brand new mattress, including those all important first nights of incredibly comfy sleep that a new mattress brings. more “Leesa Sleep Mattress Review, One year on”

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Guest Post: How to end bedtime battles with your toddler

There’s something about bedtime that creates the perfect battle of wills. On one side, parents who love their children, but who also need sleep for their sanity. On the other, toddlers who bitterly fight against getting the rest that they need to grow and learn properly. There’s no one method that works to end every bedtime battle. Rather, it’s a process of figuring out what works for you and your toddler. more “Guest Post: How to end bedtime battles with your toddler”

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When the kids are sleeping and you are awake #Insomnia #Icantgetnosleep

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As a parent, lack of sleep is often part of the job description. But broken nights and early starts aren’t forever. As the sleep fairies return (it does happen) does that mean that blissful slumber will return to the house once more? Often, it’s just not that simple. There are loads of reasons why you just might find yourself lying in the dark getting increasingly frustrated at the sound of silence, but your lack of being able to join the sleep party. more “When the kids are sleeping and you are awake #Insomnia #Icantgetnosleep”

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Separation anxiety in a three year old

If I think about separation anxiety, what springs to mind is a baby of around 9 months old who has suddenly decided he only wants to be cuddled by Mummy. Or, perhaps a toddler of around 18 months who clings to your legs whilst you are trying to prepare her dinner, begging for a carry.  more “Separation anxiety in a three year old”

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The benefits of sleep – Mums need sleep too

Mums have a magical solution to fix any type of issues, right? Well, if your kids think so, then you’re obviously doing a good job. But ‘perfection’ requires quite a huge amount of dedication, which can get immensely tiresome at the end of the day. What being a mother also requires is a lot of time, which, among many other things, usually leaves you with few hours of sleep. more “The benefits of sleep – Mums need sleep too”

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Will bedtime ever be the same again?

Do you remember those first euphoric days of the summer holidays? The ones we celebrated a temporary cull of all bedtime routines, dreamt of late night barbecues under the stars and imagined the children happily playing until they let you carry them sleepily up to bed without protest? more “Will bedtime ever be the same again?”

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Optimising sleep as a knackered Mum

I’m tired. Pretty much constantly. I may have mentioned this once or twice right here on this very blog. more “Optimising sleep as a knackered Mum”

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We heart sleep; Leesa Mattress Review

I think it’s fair to say that a parent’s most precious commodity is sleep. Especially in those early years when you’d take a decent nights kip over any other luxury experience, designer outfit or well, ANYTHING.  more “We heart sleep; Leesa Mattress Review”

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Does the early bird catch the worm?; (Not) Coping with an early riser

I’m not so sure the early bird does catch the worm anymore. I think the early bird got up at a ridiculous hour and is going to be in a foul mood by 11am. more “Does the early bird catch the worm?; (Not) Coping with an early riser”

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