All by myself – learning to love your own company

Stop for a moment. Imagine an hour, maybe two, or even five to be alone. How does that you make you feel? Overjoyed? Overwhelmed? Panicked or with a chronic case of option paralysis?

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The self care domino effect

Change one thing. That was the life advice offered up by the unlikely guru of my twenties in the form of a Kiss FM DJ. Back then it made sense in many ways – dump an unhealthy relationship, look for a new and exciting job, move to a different flat, town, country, or get your hair cut into a bonkers new style.

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Mummy You should go and love yourself

Back in 1996, to have someone say ‘You love yourself’ was pretty much the worst slating you could get from the mean girls at school. Not that it was much of an issue; at fifteen years of age, self confidence wasn’t exactly something I was filled with, nor many of my friends. Perhaps that’s where as a generation we went a little wrong. more “Mummy You should go and love yourself”

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