NOBODY PANIC…Back to School with @Smiggle_

I fall into the same trap every summer. End of July I’m totally breezing into the holidays declaring we don’t ‘need’ anything for September, having adopted more of a ‘buy as needed’ approach to school uniform. However, as July fades and August rolls by, the list maker in my mind starts realising all the stuff I actually DO need to get sorted for the new school year. more “NOBODY PANIC…Back to School with @Smiggle_”

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September Ready with @MyNametags Plus #Giveaway

It’s crazy to think we are already in the run up to the final term before the end of the current school year, and with school places announced last month for many parents, now is the time to start panicking about purchasing school uniform online, getting ahead of the game and last minute out of stock situations. more “September Ready with @MyNametags Plus #Giveaway”

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Tears at the classroom door

When our eldest daughter started reception last year, tears and settling in were expected, and delivered. We breezed the first week or so, carried along in the excitement of new uniform and all the fuss and comments of well wishers, and a few weeks in it hit like a tonne of bricks. more “Tears at the classroom door”

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Helping your child’s cursive handwriting with Uniball #InternationalLiteracyDay

*Collaborative post

Today, on September the 8th, it’s international literacy day. Another crazy new ‘day’ you might think, but this has been a ‘thing’ since 1965, to highlight the importance of literacy across communities, societies and for individuals. Across the globe illiteracy continues to remain an issue across poverty stricken communities, and particularly an issue to education deprived women. But even right here in the UK the National Literacy Trust suggests that as many as 25% of adults are illiterate and struggling with day to day tasks. The quality of handwriting can have a direct impact in success of secondary and further education (Institute of Education), so getting it nailed early on is actually far more important than you may imagine. more “Helping your child’s cursive handwriting with Uniball #InternationalLiteracyDay”

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6 fun ways to get the kids excited about going back to school

Even if you have an eager beaver all through the school year, after six weeks of getting comfy at home any kid’s going to be a bit reluctant about going back to school. more “6 fun ways to get the kids excited about going back to school”

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The first year of primary school: Done

It is truly unbelievable that a whole year has passed since we waved goodbye to Tigs’ nursery and all the wonderful staff and friends she had made there. This time last year we were excitedly attending settling in sessions at her new school and making awkward smiles to the new faces nervously standing outside the classroom (and that was just the Mums). We were panicking about the most obscure of things; whether to buy uniform in age 3-4 or 4-5, how we’d navigate the school run logistics, whether we had made the right choices, and of course, how would she get on. more “The first year of primary school: Done”

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Mum muddling through…the first day at school

I can’t believe it’s September already and I’m going back to school.

Not back to school as in ‘ after 6 weeks off we are going back to school for a new term’, but as in, I left that school gate at 18 with a shirt graffiti’d by all my mates and now I’m walking back through it as a Mum; albeit past the secondary school, over the juniors playground and stopping at the infants. Weird. more “Mum muddling through…the first day at school”

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Sniffles & schoolbags: Back to school with asthma

As the carefree summer days pass us by, it’s getting closer: September, starting school, the cooler evenings and the seasons changing. Filling in the endless new school medical forms was a stark reminder of our daughters (officially undiagnosed), suspected Asthma. more “Sniffles & schoolbags: Back to school with asthma”

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Mum Muddling Through…Primary school applications

There is a definite irony in parenting that no sooner are we raising eyebrows and sniggering at ‘the things parents do’, than we are doing it ourselves.

Currently, living this dream, primary school applications stylee.

“What can all the fuss be about?”, “I’m not bothered about school reputations, or listening to hear say”, “It’s nothing to get stressed about”…I said, once upon an ignorant time.
more “Mum Muddling Through…Primary school applications”

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