Car seat safety; Resisting the temptation to rush through the stages

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I’ve written before about the minefield that is car seats, and despite being eight years along the road of motherhood, there is still a bit of confusion and ambiguity about the do’s and don’ts of car seat selection.

more “Car seat safety; Resisting the temptation to rush through the stages”
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Children, car seats and the law…

From day one, the very beginning of our new job as parents, we took it upon ourselves to ensure our tiny newborn was snugly and safely fitted in her group 0 car seat on that first journey of many; taking her home from the hospital.

It’s a hard mentality to un-do, and quite rightly so, as the safe transit of your precious cargo remains the number one priority on any car journey. But five years on, I’m wondering if I have lost my way on the do’s and don’ts of car safety with kids. more “Children, car seats and the law…”

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The secret of making the bathroom safe for children

A bathroom can be a dangerous place if precautions are not taken while using it. There are many ways in which a person might get hurt while in the bathroom. The danger of getting injuries is even greater when children are using it or when you are with your toddler. more “The secret of making the bathroom safe for children”

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Staying safe whilst gardening this Spring

Now the sunshine has made a long awaited reappearance, households all over the country have thrown open their backdoors and set about getting the garden summer ready. It’s just glorious out there, but whether you’re clearing away debris, initiating a landscaping project or just planting out, make sure your planned trip to the dump doesn’t end up as a trip to A&E. more “Staying safe whilst gardening this Spring”

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