9 things about #running I wish I knew when I started

If you think that smug running types don’t get it when you explain that you just ‘can’t run’, you’re very wrong. I was that person; embarrassed to run in daylight hours, utterly fearful of being seen, clueless and definitely sports bra-less.

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@ParkRunUK – Making running a team sport #MumsThatRun

As I write this I can feel the aches in my calves and thighs, the tell tale signs that I’ve pushed myself in the name of exercise, which for me, since becoming a Mum, has been running. more “@ParkRunUK – Making running a team sport #MumsThatRun”

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#MumsThatRun: 5 reasons to get running

With the Olympics in full swing, there is no better time to embrace sport. As a busy Mum, it’s not exactly easy to commit seriously to making the next Olympics, or take up a 5 session a week training programme, or invest in a new hobby of sailing. But watching the athletic greats of team GB is enough to inspire any of us to whack on our trainers and get out for a run. more “#MumsThatRun: 5 reasons to get running”

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