Ker-chinging in the changes: Mum on a budget

As with many employers in the UK, my workplace (sorry ex-workplace) covers statutory maternity pay until month 9, followed by 3 months of unpaid leave (if you want it). I did want it, so I have kinda gotten used to being a bit skint the last few months.

But now I have officially been redundantised (is that a real word? I think I might have just made it up…), there is no new job around the corner, no April bonus and no wage at the end of the month. I figured this is the time to make some changes.
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Maternity leave day 365, SAHM day 1

My P45 has arrived. Its just a piece of paper really. Life isn’t going to change tomorrow from today in any physical sense.

Today, I’ll drag my tired bum out of bed, sort breakfast, do the nursery run, faff around at home for what feels like a nanosecond before hopping back to preschool, do lunch, busy ourselves for the afternoon then knock up dinner. Play a while longer, wait for daddy to come home, make milks, have baths, read stories, put kids to bed.

Tomorrow, I’ll do all of the above, except instead of being on maternity leave, I’ll be unemployed.

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Here we go…….


So I made it through the set up and you made your way to me. Good start?!

Been toying with the blogging idea for a while, well, since I found out my temporary situation of maternity leave just became permanent. Yeah I’m gutted my job of 14 years just got made redundant, but maybe this is the start of the next chapter?

And I like talking. A lot. 
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